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The Most Common Questions for Plumbers, Answered | Katy, TX

The Most Common Questions for Plumbers, Answered | Katy, TX

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Plumbing problems are an expected part of life. Just like any complicated system that's in constant use, there's multiple things that can go wrong.

The Water in My House Is Cloudy

Turning a tap and realizing that your water is coming out milky, or cloudy looking, is pretty much the worst thing that you can see. But it's normally a simple fix for most plumbers, which can be caused by a number of issues, including:


The most obvious answer for why your water is cloudy is because it contains particulates. Excess dirt, dust or sand can cause water to look cloudy, even though it's actually safe to drink.

The issue may be easy to solve with a sediment filter, but it's generally best to contact your local plumbers, in case the issue is caused by something worse.


As strange as it sounds, bubbles can easily make your water look cloudy. It's more likely to happen in cold weather, as the temperature change causes pressure changes in the water in your pipes.

There's a simple check if cloudy water is caused by bubbles. Pour a glass or bottle and leave it open and exposed. If your cloudy water is caused by bubbles, the water will slowly clear as it settles and the air trapped inside frees itself.


Sulphur, or more realistically, hydrogen sulphide, can cause your water to look cloudy. Normally, if you have Sulphur in your water, you will also be able to notice a smell of rotten eggs alongside the milky look of the water.

It is caused by bacteria in the water, which feed on oxygen and rotten matter. Whilst the bacteria and the accompanying hydrogen sulphide aren't usually a threat to health or safety, it's always worth contacting a plumber, both to check your water and to identify the problem.

There can be multiple causes for bacteria in your water. It could be your water heater requiring cleaning, more ventilation, or chemical treatment. All of which are a simple fix for our plumbers.

I'm Going on Holiday. Should I Turn Off My Water?

Absolutely. You won't be using your water, so turning it off at the main valve is a good precaution against any problems.

Whilst you most probably won't face any problems whilst you're away, it's better to be safe rather than sorry. Even a small leak can escalate into major damage, if left for a week or two.

If you've made a list of things that should be done before you leave your property, add turning your main water valve to that list. It only takes a minute, and prevents any nasty surprises for when you get home.

Why Is My Water Bill this High?

We all know roughly how much our bills should cost, so getting a water bill that's way over the mark can be a terrible shock.

If your water bill is far more expensive than you expect, it can be caused by a number of different things.

A Leaking Faucet

Whilst it might seem minor, a leaking faucet or tap can seriously increase your water costs. It's actually estimated that a leaking faucet could waste as much as 250 gallons of water every single month.

A Leaky Toilet

Toilets make up a huge amount of daily water use, anywhere up to a quarter. Which is why a leaking toilet can be a major problem.

If your toilet is leaking, it can waste upwards of one hundred gallons a day! If you have a leaking toilet, contact your local plumbers in Katy, TX, immediately, to get the problem resolved.

Inefficient or Leaking Pipes

As we've already mentioned, a slow leak can quickly add up to hundreds of gallons of loss.

If you've got a dripping outside faucet, or leaking and inefficient sprinklers, for example, that could quickly contribute to a serious bill. Not only that, your underground pipelines can be damaged enough that they start to leak, by animals, roots, or even subsidence and earthquakes! So if you believe there's any reason you might have ground damage, contact us to send one of our plumbers immediately!

Wasteful Practices

Lastly, it's possible that you might simply be using too much water. Bear in mind a shower uses around 2 gallons a minute, and flushing the toilet can be almost double that.

A few busy days can quickly add up, so go over the past and see if you can be more smart with your water practices.

I Can Hear Banging Pipes When I Turn Things on, Why?

The answer is simple. Water pressure causing the pipes to move. Normally, this happens if the pipes aren't correctly attached, and it needs to be corrected, fast.

If you ignore the issues, it can quickly cause further damage, or even critical faults, leaks and floods.

Contact your local plumbers in Katy, TX to check your pipework and solve the problem ASAP if you hear any banging.

It's Winter. Should I Disconnect All My Hoses?

Yes. Even if you don't expect any snow, frost or freezing during winter, you should still absolutely disconnect all of your hoses and other outside appliances.

This is because even if you haven't run water through the system or you do not believe that there is any water in the system, there will still be some, especially around the fixtures and contact points.

This water can freeze at low temperatures, which can cause invisible damage. Over time, this damage will add up, and can cause cracks and other issues.

It's always better to be safe. Disconnect all hoses and safely store them during the winter months, and if you notice any problems, it's best to call your plumbers.

The Simplest Method to Solve Plumbing Problems in Katy, TX

If you notice any problems with your house or plumbing, and need a local plumber, the best option is to contact us as soon as you possibly can. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing has years of experience fixing every potential problem, including 7-day, 24-hour emergency call outs. You can contact us here.