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How Often Should I Get My Boiler Serviced? | Insight from Your Trusted Katy, TX Plumbers

How Often Should I Get My Boiler Serviced? | Insight from Your Trusted Katy, TX Plumbers

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The heart of your home, your boiler delivers many things you use on a daily basis, but probably don't pay much attention to. Though we know you would certainly miss your hot water the moment it stopped being available.

Like all pieces of complicated machinery, a boiler needs regular servicing by licensed plumbers to work at peak capacity. But how often does a boiler need servicing, how long does it take, and is there anything else you need to know?

How Often Does My Boiler Need Servicing?

You Should Service Your Boiler Annually

A good rule of thumb with your boiler is to have it serviced every single year. A simple yearly service by regulated plumbers is enough to keep it in good working order and minimize issues before they begin. By servicing your boiler regularly, you make sure that everything is in top condition, and minimize the chances of major faults developing.

You especially want to consider getting an annual boiler service if you've just had a new boiler installed. As part of the warranty on your boiler, it most probably specifies that it requires an annual service, to ensure that all parts are in working order.

Getting your boiler serviced regularly can also save you money. Whilst the up front costs will be higher, a good service by licensed plumbers will be able to identify and fix things that could develop into problems, before they actually become problems.

This massively reduces the chances that you'll be stuck with no heating or hot water in the depths of winter, you won't have to wait for parts to come in stock, and you won't have to pay excessive emergency callout fees to hire yourself some plumbers on the weekend or during an evening, just to get it running again and stop your family shivering.

You Should Service Your Boiler When Moving Home

If you've just moved into a new property, it's always worth getting the boiler serviced.

In most places, a seller has no legal obligation to have a boiler serviced upon sale of their property. As long as the boiler has an up to date service, they can sell their property with no issues.

However, this isn't to say that the boiler hasn't developed a fault in the intermediate time, and this is something you won't be able to see from the outside. Only a service by plumbers will be able to identify if there are any issues.

If there are issues, it may be possible to contact the seller and claim costs, but either way, you will want to service your boiler for your own peace of mind.

You Should Service Your Boiler During Summer

The winter months are the busiest time for plumbers in Katy, TX. The drop in temperature means extra strain on heating and water systems, which means they're much more likely to develop faults or stop working entirely.

What this means is that plumbers are extra busy during the winter months, so it's going to be much harder for you to make a booking for your boiler service. Not to mention the fact that the plumbers that will be servicing your boiler are going to be run off their feet, so they'll have to stick to a far stricter schedule.

This means it's far better to book a service during the summer months in Katy, TX. Your plumbers will be able to take more time with the service, and your boiler will be prepared for the extra pressure that winter brings.

If possible, look to book your boiler service between June and August.

You Should Service Your Boiler if it Starts to Become Less Efficient

If you notice that your boiler is running worse than usual, or that you're using more gas or electricity due to heating and water costs, then your boiler might need a service.

It's generally worth hiring a plumbing company to service your boiler if it's running inefficiently, for two reasons.

First off, your boiler running less efficiently costs you money, as it will take more energy to heat up your home. If you let your boiler run inefficiently even just for a few weeks, that could easily cost as much, if not more than simply getting the issue fixed.

Second, if your boiler is running inefficiently, that could be a sign that something is wrong. It's far better to get a service early so that any future problems, that could be costly or cause major problems, are fixed earlier rather than later.

What Happens During a Boiler Service?

A boiler service might look complicated, but it's actually surprisingly simple. Here's what will happen during your boiler servicing.

  • Your boiler and the surrounding pipes will be checked to make sure that everything is correct and accounted for.
  • The functions of your boiler will be checked over, making sure that it's operating right, with no major faults.
  • Once this is done, the case of your boiler is taken off, so that our plumbers can check all component parts and internals.
  • The inside of your boiler is also cleaned during the service, which helps increase efficiency and prevent faults.
  • Once the service is complete, you will be provided with the results, letting you know if any repairs or replacements are necessary, a quote for costs, and possible causes for future concern.

Your boiler service will generally only last half an hour to an hour, and you should always receive a full-service report that lets you know the results of your service.

Booking Your Boiler Servicing in Katy, TX

If you need a boiler service in Katy, TX, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing today to discuss your needs and lock in your booking slot.