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What Makes a Good Plumber? | Katy, TX

What Makes a Good Plumber? | Katy, TX
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We all know how important the plumbing system of a house is; from the essential morning showers to a number of daily household chores and more, everything can be disrupted when we have a plumbing disaster at hand. Your plumbing system must, therefore, be well maintained, and you should have a professional in the Katy, TX area, on speed dial so you can promptly acquire the best plumbing services whenever you need them.

But how do you find a good plumber?

A professional is hard to come by these days. Not all the plumbers out there in the Katy, TX area, will necessarily turn out to be thorough professionals, and not all are created equal either. There are fair chances that you may bring home a substandard service who will cause more harm than good. A botched plumbing job can expose your house to more plumbing issues in the future. It is, therefore, extremely important that you hire a skilled professional to take care of all plumbing tasks around your home. To help you with that, we have put together some of the qualities that make a professional below.

Qualifications and Certifications

First things first; a professional has to be properly qualified and must hold the requisite certifications. It is the right qualifications that will make him a plumber that you can rely on and one that works to the highest standards. An unqualified person won’t know what he is doing, and this will only invite more problems instead of solving any. A shoddy job is the best you can get out of someone who isn’t qualified enough. Therefore, always make sure that the companu you’re hiring in the Katy, TX area, holds the right certifications from a respected associations for plumbing.


It is often said that experience is the best teacher, and you will not find anyone who can dispute this. If you’re expecting quality plumbing services, then you must find someone who has some years of experience in the plumbing industry. Over the years, doing the same jobs over and over again will have made them experts at most tasks.

Furthermore, if you have an especially complex plumbing task at hand, it is even more important that you seek a professional with some years of experience as new recruits, even if certified, may not be learned enough to get through a complex plumbing issue. Read reviews or ask around to get word of mouth referrals and reviews from people. By doing this, you will be able to find that experienced professional.


Punctuality and timeliness are the cornerstones of a thorough professional in almost every profession. In plumbing, it is perhaps even more important. As plumbing emergencies can be devastating if they are not dealt with promptly, it is crucial that the company you choose for your house’s plumbing needs is punctual. There are many plumbers out there that are known to be quite slow to respond; you better steer clear of them. Word of mouth will be of great help here. Ask your neighbors and friends and family in the vicinity to know about the right ones as well as the ones that you should stay away from.


You have to have trust going into any exchange or commercial transaction. The nature of the job when it comes to plumbing services makes trustworthiness even more important. You cannot hire a company who you cannot trust. Usually, trust has been built over past pleasant experiences or through positive word of mouth. If a company has been in service for a long time or has a long list of customers, you can bet that they are trustworthy.

Soft Skills

Proficiency in plumbing knowledge is one thing in this profession, but having good soft skills and the ability to communicate effectively is equally important. The service provision involves customer interaction. Plumbing involves visiting the customer’s house, and you wouldn’t want a plumber who swears loudly every time his plumbing equipment doesn’t work.  A professional will carry a pleasant and likable demeanor at all times. Furthermore, you need a company who can carefully listen to your problem first and make you feel at ease by assuring you that he will be able to take care of any plumbing issue you may be facing. It requires communication skills, and not every plumber has those, so this is a great way of separating the good from the bad.

Plumbing Judgment and Competency

This comes with years of experience and solid qualifications in the field. Every plumbing situation is different in some way; one size doesn’t necessarily fit all. A competent plumber with good judgment will be able to gauge the job correctly and provide the perfect solution for your particular plumbing situation. They will always try to go for the solution that’s in your best interests.


Showing respect to the customer is the most important business and marketing principle that exists. Still, it seems to escape some of the plumbers out there. A thorough professional will never criticize you if you’d tried to fix a plumbing issue yourself before calling him. They will always listen to your queries and doubts and try to answer them to the best of their ability without showing any signs of frustration or annoyance.

Respect is not limited to their interaction with you only; it extends to everything that they come across while they are on your property. Things such as respecting your property, not making unnecessary noises, not scratching the walls with the tools and not picking their noses, etc. all count. A professional will be respectful in each regard.

Safety First

Following all the safety protocols at work is another mark of a professional. You’ll find that the best plumbers out there are very particular about ensuring safety by following all the rules and safety procedures. Following the safety procedures and protocols also helps them to commit to their tasks one hundred percent, and they can perform the plumbing tasks better than the rest.

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