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Possible Reasons Behind a Leaky Toilet

A leaking toilet may not seem like a pressing issue to some homeowners, but it has the potential to damage your fixtures and property. Besides, the puddle of leaking water around the base of the toilet creates an unhygienic environment that serves as a breeding ground for germs and dangerous illnesses. If this doesn’t bother you, the overcharged water bills definitely will.

An unattended leak means hundreds of gallons of water are being wasted regularly. Nobody wants to pay for water that they’re not using, and likewise, no one wants to be stuck in a situation where standing water accumulates in their house. Therefore, knowing the causes of a leaky toilet is a great way to prevent such an issue from occurring in the first place. Below are some of the common reasons behind a leaking toilet.

A Leaking Supply Line

A faulty supply line is often the culprit behind a leaking toilet. The joints in the supply line wear out and become loose over time, causing the water to seep through. It could also be the rubber lining in the supply line that might rupture, or it could be mechanical damage to the supply line itself that could cause a leak. Whatever the reason, a professional plumber will be able to look into the matter and fix it for you.

Busted Toilet Tank

Another reason behind a leaking toilet can be a broken toilet tank. A toilet tank can break due to an accidental impact, which leads to it cracking. This crack can be the source of a perpetual leak. The fill valve will continue to work as usual, but the tank will never fill up as the water is constantly leaking. At times, this leakage may not be obvious, especially in the case of a hairline crack which is difficult to detect.

However, the water will be leaking persistently, and you may be able to tell from the sound of the water slowly draining into the bowl. Promptly acquire the services of a professional plumber to sort this out for you.

A Stuck Flapper

This is another cause of a leaky toilet. You can lose considerable amounts of water if the flapper that’s present in your flush tank gets stuck. It happens when the flush handle is stuck; it doesn’t swing back up and stays pressed once you’ve pushed it to flush the water. This leads to a continuous supply of water into the tank, which doesn’t hold it in, resulting in persistent leakage. If you find this to be the reason behind a leaky toilet, immediately turn off the water supply to the tank and contact a professional plumber to come and fix the flapper for you.

Faulty Connections

There are many plumbing connections running through your toilet that can give way to the years of wear and tear at any particular point in time; the connections may become loose, or the rubber linings may wear away. Do keep an eye on out for these potential faulty connections to ensure that that your plumbing connections are well maintained. It is a good idea to acquire the services of a professional plumber for regular maintenance.

Warped Flapper

A flapper can become warped and malfunction as a result. It may be quite difficult to detect too as it doesn’t completely get worn out either. The years of wear and tear due to mineral buildup around it inside the tank causes it to warp and leads to a slow leak. Furthermore, the chemicals that are constantly added to the water supply by the water authorities to purify it takes its toll on the flapper as well. The flapper wears out slightly as a result. If you suspect there is a leak in your toilet for any reason at all, call a professional plumber to detectand fix it for you.

Faulty Fill Valve

Much like other toilet plumbing fixtures, the fill valve is also susceptible to wear and tear over time. The mineral buildup can cause it to malfunction as it fails to shut off. A faulty fill valve, therefore, becomes another reason for a leaky toilet. Acquire the services of a professional plumber promptly if you suspect this to be the case.

Faulty Float

The hollow ball known as the float can also become a reason behind a leaking toilet if it develops a crack in it or when it is out of alignment. If the ball is cracked or damaged, it won’t float, which means that it won’t let the flush tank know when it is time to stop filling up. As a result, the fill valve runs continuously, causing the toilet to leak. Be quick to call in any professional plumber to deal with this faulty fixture and fix the leak.

Worn T-Bolts

The T-bolts serve to fasten the toilet to the bathroom floor. These need to be firmly in place so that the toilet stays where it’s supposed to be on the bathroom floor. It may sound simple and like a fairly easy DIY task, but as with most plumbing jobs, it’s not. There’s a “sweet spot” that they must be tightened to; leave them too loose, and it may leak, tighten them too much and they may crack. It is wise to acquire the professional services of a plumber to do the job for you, as the costs to fix or replace a cracked toilet are astronomical.

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