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The Common Issues a Plumber in Katy Could Solve for You

Frustrated man on the phone after cleaning up a leak

Living in this modern day and age requires you to have a fully functioning plumbing system. It is basically impossible to have a good standard of living without having proper plumbing. But what most homeowners don’t realize is that their plumbing system is an intricate design of pipes that can easily breakdown.

In cases like those, and many others, the services of a plumber in Katy is required to fix the issues for them. An experienced plumber in Katy knows how to handle many different tasks. The plumber can solve the most complex problem down to the simplest problem.

In this article, we will tell you about some of the most common plumbing problems that you might face in your everyday lives!

Lacking hot water?

We all know that a lack of hot water can be the worst thing for us. Without hot water to take a shower, how can a person even start their Monday morning? This problem can be especially serious if the hot water is required in the winter season. Imagine going to the bathroom only to be welcomed by the iciest water ever! Well, there are some pretty simple reasons why you are not getting your hot water. The issue can exist with your water heater – an old water heater could be the reason why the pilot light has gone out. The problem can also be with the thermostat. You could have accidentally set the thermostat too low. There could also be an issue with the heating coil or the water heater. If either of the two devices breaks then hot water will not be able to be produced.

Whatever the reason is, contact your trusted plumber in Katy so that he can solve the issue for you!

Sometimes, your drains get clogged!

Drains are the main way for the dirty water to be carried out from your home. They are connected to almost everything in your home! From your toilet to the bathtub and even your sink in the kitchen all use drains so that the water can be carried out. But what happens sometimes is that the drains get clogged up with some kind of debris. In the kitchen the most common thing causing clogged drains is grease. Sometimes even hair that you lose during a shower or while shaving can be a factor in clogging your drains. A clogged drain can be the reason why your toilet is overflowing and is all backed up. In rare cases, even roots of the trees outside can grow into your drain pipe and lead to obstructing the flow of water. If such an event occurs we suggest you call your plumber in Katy so that he can swiftly solve the issue.

Can’t sleep at night?

A big reason for us all being unable to sleep is that constant dripping noise coming from the faucet in your bathroom. A leaky faucet is not only an annoyance but it leads to great wastage of water too. A faucet is not a simple contraption, it is made up of multiple parts that all contribute to your water being delivered in a matter of milliseconds. But even if a single part gives out or breaks down, water will start leaking out of your faucet immediately.

A leaking faucet can be caused by various reasons. The O-ring might have given out due to wear and tear or has just become loose. If this happens you will notice water coming out from the base of your faucet handle. Another part inside the faucet is the valve seat, over time what happens is that the valve seat slowly starts to corrode away. Due to this water will start dripping out from under the spout. The washer might also sometimes give out due to corrosion, again leading to water dripping out from the spout.

However, this is not such a major issue, a plumber in Katy can be called who can easily replace the worn out parts inside your faucet.

Leaky pipes are a big problem

A big problem might not necessarily start out as one. In most cases, the leak can start with a small hole opening up because of corrosion. This hole may actually be filled in with some nearby sediments too so it will not even present itself as a big problem at first. But then all of a sudden you might hear a loud noise of something giving out and then the gushing sound of water. If that does happen you will need to call a plumber in Katy immediately so they can either patch up or replace the pipe altogether.

It is of great importance that all homeowners get their pipes checked out by plumber in Katy. A plumber will be able to notice if there is even a small hole present in your pipe. He will then make sure it doesn’t turn into a big problem.

Even the tank is not safe

Over time, corrosion can also take place at the bottom of the water tank. That happens due to sediments piling up at the bottom of the water tank. When the bottom corrodes away enough, water will start escaping and piling up around the water heater. This can turn into a severe problem if not addressed immediately.

In such cases – although they are rare. The only option will be to have your plumber in Katy replace the entire water tank and water heater system.

Get help!

Because of all this, we suggest you call your local plumber in Katy frequently so that they can see if there are any problems and fix the problems before they turn into big ones!

If you’re wondering who to call, you can always contact us at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg at (281) 616-3978! Our experts are available 24/7 so that a plumber in Katy can reach you whenever you need one.