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Water Filtration System in Richmond

Did you know that your drinking water could very well be contaminated? It could be full of dust and other impurities, making it less than ideal. This is why you need to invest in a water filtration system in Richmond. This is why you need to invest in a water filtration system in Richmond. There are many benefits to having a filtration system in place.

Benefits of Getting a Water Filtration System

Here are some of the numerous benefits you get if you invest in a water filtration system in Richmond:

  • Water smells and tastes better when it is pure and clean.
  • Certain filters effectively remove lead from drinking water.
  • Investing in a filtration system saves money.
  • Some tap water is more acidic than is good for your body.
  • Chlorine and chlorine byproducts are linked to a variety of health problems.
  • Sometimes tap water is also used for cooking.
  • Many different toxins are found in unfiltered drinking water.
  • Drinking water supplies have bacteria.
  • Drinking cleaner water is helpful in fighting diseases and illnesses.
  • Having a water filtration system teaches your children the importance of having fresh drinking water.
  • Healthy skin.
  • Softer and long-lasting clothes, given that they are washed with pure water.

Water Quality Concerns

When purchasing a water filtration system in Richmond, there are a few contaminants you want to remove from your water to ensure it is pure. Some concerns that most people have about their water include:

  • Chlorine
  • Chlorine Byproducts
  • Lead
  • Perchlorates
  • Flouride
  • Arsenic
  • Taste and Odor

Types of Water Filtration Systems

You should select a water filtration system in Richmond that offers you the most. To choose the best one, you must make sure that your filtration system removes all the above-mentioned contaminants from the water. First, you must hire someone qualified to check your water quality and see what needs to be removed from the water. There are two broad categories of water filtration systems – point of entry (POE) and point of use (POU) systems. Among these are the types of systems mentioned below:

1.     Reverse Osmosis

This is the process of forcing contaminated water at pressure through a membrane, letting the water pass through while the contaminants remain. Unfiltered water is pumped into a plastic membrane, while clean water comes out of it.  This process does lead to a lot of water wastage.

2.     Activated Carbon

This is quite a common household filter. With the use of activated carbon granules, the filter attracts and traps chemical impurities via absorption. It is pretty effective but does not end up removing some inorganic pollutants such as nitrate.

3.     UV Water Purifiers

An ultraviolet (UV) disinfection water filter kills bacteria and viruses, clears the taste and odor of water but it might not be effective against chemical pollutants, cysts, and spores. These can also be combined with carbon filters to kill bacteria.

4.     Ion Exchange

Filters of this sort are the best for softening water. They take hard water and make it more digestible with the use of zeolite beads that have sodium ions. The beads trap the contaminants by acting as filters and replace them with sodium ions.

5.     Distillation

This is a very simple way of getting pure water. You basically filter water on your own without any fancy devices. Distillation is basically the process of boiling the water, killing all the bacteria, capturing the steam and then cooling it into water into another container, leaving you with clean and pure water.


Apart from the type of system you need, there are some other considerations you need to make when selecting a water filtration system Richmond:

  • Cost of the filter
  • Maintenance required
  • Water quality
  • Water pressure
  • Certified water filter
  • Daily filtration rate
  • Identify the water flow you require
  • Identify the capacity you need
  • Compatibility with your faucets
  • Amount of energy it requires
  • Customer reviews
  • Warranty

A good water filtration system in Richmond will have the following:

  • A large capacity: The water that everyone in your household consumes every day will determine your filter’s size.
  • The right filtering mechanism: The system you buy should remove the highest number of contaminants.
  • A filter change indicator: A water filter that measures the amount of water you use and then tells you helps determine whether your filter needs to be changed.
  • A normal to fast flow rate: Most water filters slow your flow rate but a system becomes problematic if it takes a little too long. The flow speed differs depending on the type of filter you select.
  • Compatible attachments: The best filters are compatible with many different sinks, faucets, and plumbing.
  • Certifications which back up claims about contaminant removal: Make sure it is certified by Water Quality Association or some agency.
  • Long warranty: A 3-month filter is enough for a pitcher filter but a warranty of a year or two is best when installing a filter.


At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Houston, we have an extensive line of water treatment systems which includes:

  • Replacement filters
  • Premium units
  • Value line water filtration units – value-line water filters
  • Filtered shower heads
  • Countertop units
  • Generic, value line and tap master replacement filters

Water is a necessity and it’s now becoming increasingly common to have water filtration systems. So when considering which water filtration system in Richmond is the best for you, you have to ensure a number of different factors.

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg, we thoroughly guide you with credible information, making your decision process satisfying, easy, and quick. Our experienced technicians are the finest choice for the installation of a water filtration system in Richmond. Call now at (281) 616-3978 and schedule an appointment at your convenience. Our punctual plumbers are available any time so we are available for emergency repairs and provide comprehensive services. We value your time and don’t make you wait. We are punctual, professional and guarantee satisfaction. We will provide you with the best water filtration system in Richmond, for your specific needs.