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The Beginner’s Guide to Water Heater Maintenance in Sugar Land

Water heater

We all rely on water heaters to have hot running water available in our homes. From washing dishes and clothes to bathing, we cannot live without hot water. Yet, sometimes these machines stop working just when we need them. When that happens, we can’t do much than to wait until a professional arrives for water heater repair.

A water heater lasts up to around 10 years in Sugar Land before wearing out. However, it’s common for water heaters to wear down early due to lack of maintenance. If minor problems are left unattended, they can develop into major issues that need water heater repair.

Ultimately, most homeowners in Sugar Land have to call a professional to get water heater repair done. In worst cases, even water heater repair can’t fix the damage caused by negligence and a replacement is necessary.

However, locals in Sugar Land can ensure their water heater keep running during all seasons in Sugar Land. Here we discuss some basic guidelines of water heater maintenance in Sugar Land and how water heater repair can extend you unit’s life.

Follow Temperature Guidelines

We all love that hot morning shower that sets our senses alight. Still, residents of Sugar Land shouldn’t increase the temperature so much that it gets scalding hot. Knowing temperature guidelines of your water heater is essential when you’re installing the heater.

People shouldn’t exceed their temperature gauges more than 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Water at 120 degrees Fahrenheit is more than adequate for normal use. Exceeding that limit will only scald your skin.

On top of that, keeping that temperature gauge low ensures that water heater wears down slower. When we keep temperature gauge low, we will also encounter less water heater repair.

Check Safety Valves

It doesn’t matter whether a water heater works on electricity or water; they all have safety devices. Safety devices such a pressure relief valves are essential to check the condition of water heaters. They can tell whether these heating units are working in an optimal manner or not.

Being careless with safety valves is far more dangerous than what people assume. Even minor negligence minor can result into problems that cause damage. In worst cases, if the pressure or temperature builds up in your water heater, it can explode.

Whenever you see that safety valves are exceeding their limits, you should relieve them. The first step for resolving this issue is switching off the water heater. After that, you should shut the cold water inlet.

Next, position a semi-filled bucket beneath the valve and pull the lever to relieve the pressure. This will also help bring down the temperature of the water heater.

If your safety valves are faulty, you shouldn’t waste time in calling a professional for water heater repair. People who are careless with water heater repair in Sugar Land can feel the need to call the fire department.

Replacing the Anode Rod

Anode rods are an essential part of water heaters. Their job is to protect exposed steel in the heater when the tank has water in it. The anode rod protects the steel from getting corroded through rust with the help of electrolysis.

Running electricity helps the rod stay rust-free even after being submerged in water. This also results in heating up the water for your use. Though the rod is safe from rust, it can get coated with calcium carbonate on extended use. The rod itself can also wear away after being used for years.

If the anode rod gets affected from either of these things, the heating ability of your water heater will get affected as well. Consequently, the heater will have to make extra effort to heat water. This increases energy costs of the heater and leads to further problems if the problem isn’t fixed in time.

One of the clearest signs of this problem is that your water heater doesn’t heat as much as it used to. It’s difficult for most people to understand how water heaters work. So, it is better to call a professional for water heater repair in Sugar Land. They can replace the anode rod and make it as efficient as it was when you first bought it.

Never Postpone Repairs

Residents of Sugar Land should not waste any time once they spot a problem that needs water heater repair. Postponing water heater repairs is the worst thing you can do to your water heating unit. Ignoring necessary repairs can disrupt your daily usage. This means that you’ll have to endure bone-chilling showers when you can enjoy a nice warm bath.

On top of that, neglecting water heater repair makes room for other issues to rise up. People shouldn’t forget that water heaters can produce smoldering hot water. In worst cases, the water heater can leak scathing water on anyone that is near the unit.

It’s wise to get water heater repairs done immediately. People in Sunderland should not waste time consulting a water heater repair service in Sugar Land. A repair done at the right time fixes most issues and also improves the efficiency of your water heater.

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