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Everything You Want to Know About Chemical and Device Cleaners | Drain Cleaning in Sugar Land, TX

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Whether your drains are blocked after using the toilet or simply while doing dishes after supper, we’ve all been there. These clogged drains tend to be a huge hassle, but they don’t necessarily have to be turned into a chaotic situation. Enter drain cleaners. As most professional companies for drain cleaning in Sugar Land will tell you, there are two main kinds of drain cleaners that can effectively unclog your problem. These include device and chemical cleaners.

If a single shower, tub, or sink drain needs to be unclogged, then the first choice here would be to remove all the soft obstructions that reside in them. These may include grease or hair clogs or any such obstruction that tends to accumulate close to the openings of the drain’s interior. If this is the case, then air burst drain cleaners, handheld drain augers, plungers, and chemical drain cleaners will be up to the task.

If, however, more than a single drain is clogged, then expert providers of drain cleaning in Sugar Land would advise that both hard and soft obstruction need to be removed throughout the entire length of the drain. This would mean all the way from the opening of the drain through to the main sewer drain and then to the lateral piping that resides outside the building. If this tends to be the case, then the best companies for drain cleaning in Sugar Land would advise the use of electric drain cleaners or sewer jetters.

Chemical Cleaners

These products can be found in the market in both liquid and solid form, and they are normally sold in hardware stores. Some of the products, however, are only intended for trained professionals for drain cleaning in Sugar Land because of their highly acidic nature.

Some common types of chemical drain cleaners include home remedy drain cleaners, acidic drain openers, and alkaline drain openers.

1.   Alkaline Drain Openers

This category of chemical drain cleaners are primarily made up of sodium hydroxide while others consist of potassium hydroxide. There are also some liquid formulations of the same which include bleach or lye and can be found in dangerous concentrations that go up to 50%.

Other corrosive mixtures in the same category can be found as 2-part cleaners and need to be poured into the effected drain openings. Both the solutions will react inside the drain openings in order to release a gas that reacts with contaminants to form dense foam. This dense foam, as companies for drain cleaning in Sugar Land will tell you, are intended to form a protective coat inside the drain. This protective coat, in turn, works to dislodge any remnants of contaminants.

2.   Acid Drain Cleaners

This particular category of chemical drain cleaners consists of high concentrations of sulfuric acid. With the help of these, any formations of fats or proteins in the drain can be dissolved via hydrolysis. Even blockages caused due to tissue papers will be eaten through with the help of acid drain cleaners.

3.   Home Remedy Drain Cleaners

As the name suggests, this category of chemical drain cleaning in Sugar Land involves various home remedies to unclog your drains. This could include pouring boiling water into the affected drain in order to counter clogs caused due to hair or soap. Another very common home remedy used by homeowners for drain cleaning in Sugar Land includes sodium bicarbonate (baking soda).

Drain Cleaning Devices

Common examples of devices for drain cleaning in Sugar Land include sewer jetters, electric drain cleaners, hydro-mechanical drain cleaners, air burst drain cleaners, and handheld drain augers.

1.   Handheld Drain Augers

These devices are usually designed in order to clean within the first 25 ft (8 meters) of affected drain openings. The cable of these devices is driven into drains with the help of its mechanical force and the operators of these devices automatically rotate its drum.

Many of these devices are manufactured thin enough to pass into sink traps, but they are not to be used in toilets because of their potential to damage ceramic.

2.   Air Burst Drain Cleaners

These devices for drain cleaning in Sugar Land use carbon dioxide or some other gases in order to rupture the problematic clog membranes. This accelerated form of carbon dioxide has the tendency to dislodge all the clogs by creating a force over the standing water.

3.   Hydro-Mechanical Drain Cleaners

This type of drain cleaners employs high pressures of water in order to break up and flush any large obstruction or small remnants in the drain. Other than the fact that these devices are very effective for drain cleaning in Sugar Land, they are also known to be very eco-friendly.

4.   Electric Drain Cleaner

Also known as plumber’s snakes, electric drain cleaners use a mechanical force with the help of its electric motor in order to extend a flexible cable or spring into the affected pipe. These devices usually have a reach of up to 40 meters, but there are also some devices out there that can go up to 80 meters.

With the help of these devices, plumbers usually counter problems such as drain clogs caused due to tree roots or even jewelry. Some manufacturers also offer the option of negotiating with 90 degree bends without having to damage the pipe.

5.   Sewer Jetters

Sewer jetters make use of high pressure and controlled water sources and they can create jets of up to a hundred meters. With the help of this hydraulic force that can go up to somewhere between 1000 and 5000 psi, any blockages in pipes can be easily dealt with.

If all of this sounds too confusing, you can always consult a plumber. Don’t know who to call?

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