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A Guide for Homeowners—How to Tell That It’s Time for a Water Line Repair in Katy, TX?

The question that often troubles homeowners is that “how to tell that it’s time for a water line repair in Katy, TX and who will fix it?”

Many new and first time homeowners tend to wait for the utility company to come over to their homes and fix water line repairs; and these long waits aggravate the problem further, as simple repairs then turn into costly water line replacements.

Unfortunately, what many new homeowners don’t know is that the utility company is responsible for only repairing and replacing main water lines that are placed outside your home boundary. This means that you, as a homeowner, are responsible for all the water line repairs and replacements within the boundary of your property.

And therefore, you need to have a good understanding of when a water line repair in Katy, TX is needed. If you can tell when a repair is required, you can get it fixed in a timely manner before a simple plumbing repair becomes a costly water line replacement.

Water Line Repair in Katy, TX—Why is it Important?

Access to fresh water is very important, which is available to homes through main water lines. Imagine, what will you do and how will you get through the day without having that water-flow in the home? Though main water lines are build-to-last but there are several factors that often cause these lines to leak and crack.

Some of the most common reasons for leaky water lines in Katy, TX are:

  • Tree roots that grow into the pipelines in search of water and moisture
  • Corrosion
  • Old pipes that wear and tear with time

No matter what the reason may be for leaky water pipelines, it is important that you know that the problem exists so that you can take timely actions and steps to fix it before it’s too late. In other words, you need to be well aware of the warning signs that indicate the need for a water line repair in Katy, TX.

Not many homeowners realize this, but a leaky water pipeline is one of the most serious plumbing problems. Therefore, it should not be taken lightly. If this problem is not addressed right away, it can slowly damage the structural integrity of your home as the water seeps into the foundation and walls of the home.

Signs that Indicate the Need for a Water Line Repair in Katy, TX

Here are some of the top warning signs that are indicative of an immediate water line repair in Katy, TX. Stay on the lookout for these signs to avoid costly replacements and renovations:

•  Discolored Water

If you see a rust brown tint in the water, chances are that there is some kind of an issue with the water line. Discoloration of water normally happens when the pipes supplying the water corrode. Soil and dirt then enters through the cracks in the corroded pipes because of which the color of the water also changes over time.

•  Soggy and Damp Spots in the Lawn

Another sign that shows it’s time for a water line repair in Katy, TX is damp spots in your garden, especially when the weather is dry and it has not rained in a long time. Soggy spots usually occur if the water line underneath the soil is leaky and has cracked. Water that leaks from these pipes results in damp spots in the lawn.

•  Low Water Pressure

If you experience a sudden drop in the pressure of the water in the faucets, then you might have a problem. Low water pressure is also indicative of issues in the water line and that it is time to call a plumber for water line repair in Katy, TX.

The water pressure is reduced in the faucets because of the leaky water line. Since most of the water leaks out, the pressure inside the line reduces significantly and so, when it reaches the faucet, there is practically no pressure and the water comes out slowly.

•  Increasing Water Bills

The unusual increase in your water bills is alarming. It indicates hidden leaks. Therefore, it is advisable to call a professional for inspection. An expert technician can diagnose the real cause of the increasing water bills.

•  Standing Water along Your Foundation Wall

If you begin to see standing water along your foundation wall, then get in touch with a professional plumber right away. This is a surefire sign of leaky water lines and it is a sign which should not be ignored. It is important to take action immediately because as mentioned earlier, standing water can damage the structure of the home. And that is definitely something no homeowner wants! So, don’t wait get it fixed.

Other signs that trigger the need for a quick water line repair in Katy, TX are:

  • When the paint on your home walls begin to blister, or peel off
  • You begin to see dark spots on the walls
  • When you start to smell a musty odor around your home

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