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Plumbers in Katy – Well Repair in Katy, TX

Anything that can put a strain on a home’s well pump may bring about it’s premature failure.  If you suspect you have problems with your well pump and you need well repair from professional plumbers in Katy, then give Ben Franklin Plumbing in Houston a call today.  Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Houston, TX will provide you with professional plumbers in Katy to resolve your well repair needs and get everything back up and running in no time.

Below is a quick checklist of problems that could spell out trouble for your well pump.

  1. Decrease in Water Pressure
  2. Dirty or Clouded Water
  3. Loud or Unusual Noises
  4. Air coming out of the Faucets
  5. Unusually High Electric Bills

Expansion Tank

The expansion tank is a closed container for the well pump to fill up with water. As water enters the tank, the air inside of the tank will become compressed. The air will go into a vinyl bladder until the pressure inside the tank has built up high enough to trip the pressure switch.  Whenever a faucet is opened, air pressure within the tank will squeeze the bladder and the water will be forced out.  

Whenever there has been enough water used to lower the pressure, then the switch turns the pump on and the cycle will repeat it.  However, if the expansion tank loses its pressure, the pump will have to work harder in order to keep the tank full.  Professional plumbers in Katy will be able to diagnose the problems and find exactly what it is.

No Power

A well pump uses electricity, if there is a power outage for example and no form of backup power supply that is fed to the well pump then the obvious will happen, it will stop working when you lose electricity.

Lack of Maintenance

Professional plumbers in Katy state that common well pump repairs typically consist of replacing pressure switches or replacing the tank.  You should schedule regular well pump maintenance with professional plumbers in Katy at least once per year in order to keep your well pump in good working order.

Failure to do so could mean the premature need for a new well pump. Costs for the like could exceed $1,000 to replace and install a new pump and related components in a shallow well.  If you have a drilled well, then you could pay double, triple or even more depending on the depth and horsepower.

When it comes to older or shallow wells they may use an above-ground jet pump in order to pull water from the well. Submersible electric pumps that push water up from the well are most common, however. These types of pumps typically feature a sealed motor that is lowered into the well and has an above-ground power source.  A submersible well pump should last around 25 years or more.

Professional plumbers in Katy that deal with well repairs can typically repair wells that rely on above-ground pumps much easier than those that use submersible pumps.  Obviously, in order to repair a submersible pump it most certainly will almost always need to be pulled from the well.   Luckily, most submersible pumps are designed to last around 25 years. However, a submersible pump will not last this long if the well contains high amounts of sediment and / or other particulates.

If you need well repair for your submersible pump or above-ground pump then do not hesitate to reach out to Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Houston, Texas for all of your well repair needs. We have some of the best plumbers in Katy on hand that can handle any situation to well repair, installation or maintenance.  Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is a well-known brand in the area, and as a matter of fact across the United States. You cannot go wrong and can rest assure knowing that you are receiving some of the best service when you hire Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for your well repair needs.

If you are looking to have a well pump installed, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg can help you with this also.  Give us a call and we will send professional and courteous plumbers in Katy to help you.  Whether you are looking for well repairs, maintenance or installation you can count on Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Houston, Texas to get the job done.  Do not hesitate to give us a call today to learn how we can assist you with all of your above ground or underground well needs.