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Garbage Disposal Care | Plumber Houston Texas

Typically installed under the sink, a garbage disposal is a kitchen appliance used for shredding food waste into small pieces able to pass through the drain. Of the various types of disposals available a continuous feed is the most common. The name continuous feed comes from its operation which allows food waste to be added as the disposal is operated. The homeowner may choose to upgrade to a model utilizing an extra blade that provides a finer cut material along with a reversible motor that provides for jams to be cleared. A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Houston can provide the garbage disposal installation, service or repair that you require.

Care of a Garbage Disposal

  • Turning the cold water on before you operate the disposal, leaving the water running during operation and allowing the water to run for 20 seconds after shutting the disposal off will help to prevent clogs, damage to the disposal and will ensure that food waste is washed away. Always use cold water when operating the disposal. When the appliance is not in use, hot water can be used, but not while it runs.
  • While there are a number of cleaner available for the disposal to clean and prevent odors, disposal cleaners available to clean and prevent odors, more natural means are available. Grinding up peels from lemons and/or oranges will provide a fresh citrus scent and cleaning, while grinding up a few cubes of ice will provide a more thorough cleaning. If you prefer over the counter cleaners, check the appliance’s owner’s manual for a list of approved cleaners.
  • Have the kitchen drain cleaned every two years by a plumber in Houston to help prevent a clogged drain.

Garbage Disposal Tips

  • When preparing food, set aside the waste and when ready to use the disposal feed small pieces slowly, one piece at a time while running cold water. Filling it up with food waste as you prep food and then starting the disposal will cause a jam.
  • As previously stated, grinding a few ice cubes will clean the disposal. In addition, ice will keep blades sharp, and remove grease build-up. Using a few ice cubes twice a month will keep it clean and sharp. If you would like to deodorize while cleaning and sharpening, freeze vinegar in an ice tray and use in place of the ice.
  • Drain cleaners can damage the gaskets of the disposal, as well as drains. Anytime that you call a plumber and have used drain cleaners, inform the plumber in Houston so he can protect himself from injury.
  • Placing glass, paper, plastic or metal in the disposal is likely to result in damage to the disposal. Repair or even replacement is likely to be required by a plumber in Houston.
  • Don’t pour fat, oil or grease into the disposal. These will result in grease build-up and will eventually clog the drain. Dispose of in a closed container in the trash.
  • To avoid jams and clogged drains, don’t place fibrous material into the disposal. Fibrous foods are “stringy” foods; such as artichokes, asparagus, banana peels, celery, corn husks or silks, onions skins and potato peels. Examples of other items that may cause clogs in the disposal and drain are egg shells, coffee grounds, pasta and rice. Never place fruit pits, seeds and bones as they can cause damage to the disposal blades, place them in the trash.
  • Bleach, drain cleaners and other chemicals can cause blade corrosion.

Solving Garbage Disposal Issues

The disposal won’t run – Failing to start may be an electrical problem. Before calling a plumber in Houston, you may check the following:

  • Check to ensure the disposal is plugged up.
  • Look for a reset button, often located on the bottom. If it is popped out, push it in.
  • Look for a tripped breaker in your homes electrical service panel and push to on.
  • Check for a blockage. Unplug the disposal, and/or flip its breaker to off in the home’s electric panel. Shine a flashlight down into the disposal and look for waste jamming the disposal, or a blocking object. If the cause is an object use tongs or a similar tool to remove the object. If the problem is a jam follow the manufacturer’s instructions in the owner’s manual for removal. High end and commercial disposals typically have a reverse function for removing food waste jams.

If these steps fail to correct the problem, call for garbage disposal repair from a qualified plumber in Houston.

If you require garbage disposal repair, installation or service, call a Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg serving Houston and the surrounding areas. Thanks for visiting Benjamin Franklin Plumbing.