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Help With Water Softener

The term “hard water” is used when water has a lot of calcium or magnesium dissolved in it. We’ve taken that to be a negative term because hard water actually causes some problems.

The benefits of water softeners will overwhelmingly speak for themselves!

The most obvious problem is the “scale” that forms on the inside of pipes, water heaters, and things like tea pots. That happens because the calcium and magnesium precipitate out of the water and settles on things. Over time pipes can become clogged because the scale won’t conduct heat well and it will reduce the flow through the pipes.

The second problem hard water causes is less productive bathing. When the hard water mixes with soap it forms a sticky scum, which keeps the soap from lathering. Most people appreciate a good lather when they bathe, and feel “less clean” without it.

water softener is the best solution for these problems because to put it simply, a water softener replaces calcium and magnesium ions with sodium ions. Sodium doesn’t precipitate out in pipes or react badly with soap, so this does away with both of the above problems.

water softener brings with it some advantages. One of them being that less soap is required. From dish detergent to laundry soap, you will simply use less because soft water has greater washing power.

Soft water is great on clothes. They will have a longer life and fabric colors stay brighter longer. Without a water softener, water will leave mineral particles inside the weave of most fabrics. This is why we see clothing become worn out and dingy looking. Believe it or not, without that build up of minerals and deposits, your washing machine will experience a longer life and this will save you money.

You will see a ripple effect of advantages all throughout your home and family. Bathroom and kitchen fixtures won’t be darkened with rings or stains, dishes and glasses won’t streak, floor cleaning will be easier without fighting the soap scum hard water causes, and your skin will become softer, as soft water does away with dry skin. Even colored hair will hold its color longer when washed with soft water.