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3 Common Mistakes Resulting in Plumbing Woes

Nobody wants to have to call a plumbing company to resolve an avoidable problem, but all too often, we make mistakes that we had no idea would cause a plumbing issue.

Here are a few common mistakes that will prevent you from feeling a bit foolish when the plumbing company tells you what happened:

  1. Don’t trust the word “flushable” on products! There are plenty of products on the market that claim to be flushable, but in reality can cause a plumbing problem. Baby wipes are a common contributor to backed-up sewer lines and damaged septic systems. For something to be truly flushable, it needs to decompose readily, and baby wipes are made to be strong enough to clean a baby’s bottom, so they don’t break down as quickly as needed.

  2. Don’t flush facial tissue. It is very tempting to toss that tissue in the toilet, but you should keep a trash container next to the toilet instead because facial tissue is like baby wipes – it is made to hold up under its normal use, making it far too harsh for your sewer or septic system.

  3. Don’t overuse your garbage disposal or put grease and fibrous materials through it. Your home’s garbage disposal is not a trash can, and no matter how well it works to break up food, it is still a lot of material to send into your home’s drainage system. Start a compost system outdoors for food scraps, and you’ll have great nutrients for your flowers and landscaping.

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Morganton, we are happy to help you keep your plumbing issues to a minimum by providing you with the information you need. We are also here for you should you experience a plumbing problem or emergency. Call us today, and we’ll be happy to do everything we can to help you avoid the most common mistakes.