Showers are great. In fact, the average person spends almost 50 hours each year enjoying their showers. Making sure your shower experience is the best it can be comes down to a number of different factors. The biggest factor of all is your showerhead. The right showerheads will make sure you have the temperature, pressure, and dispersal you need.

We’ve put together a thorough guide to showerhead below. Consider the points listed below and, once they’re all answered, you’ll know which kind is the right fit for you.

Figure out which type works best for you

There are a number of different varieties of showerhead. First thing you’re going to want to decide is which kind of showerhead you want. There are quite a few different kinds! Options include:

  • Low-flow showerheads are like a fixed showerhead but with a special design meant to help save water during use.
  • Fixed showerheads are your traditional, run-of-the-mill type of showerhead. They’re what you probably imagined the first time you read the phrase “showerhead” in the title.
  • Adjustable showerheads give you the option of a number of different spray and pressure levels. They typically involve a head with a ring that can turns to adjust these settings.
  • Rain showerheads offer a low-flow spray that mimics what it would feel like to shower in rain. These are typically very eco-friendly and use less water than other varieties.
  • Handheld showerheads are adaptable. They have a short hose that connects to a showerhead that hooks into a hanging base. You could set them upright or use them as a handheld.

Determine whether or not you’d like any special additional features.

Additional features that are non-necessary but important to consider include:

  • Consider the finish for your showerhead. Make sure it matches existing fixtures. There are a number of options available to you, including chrome, brushed nickel, bronze, brass, and steel. Rust-resistant finishes are a good thing to look into as well, as they give more longevity to the fixtures.
  • Bluetooth connectivity. These days, they even make bluetooth-connected showerheads that can connect to your phone to play music!
  • The installation location is another thing to consider. Most showerheads are wall mounted. If your existing plumbing has the capacity, you could also consider a ceiling-mounted one. Ceiling-mounted installations are great for fixtures like rainfall showerheads.

Choosing a new showerhead comes down to deciding what look, flow, and level of luxury you want. Once you’ve purchased your new showerhead, call the professional plumbers at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Dallas. We’ll get it installed right away.