It hasn’t been many years since cast iron pipes were the standard for both industrial builders and home builders. Cast iron was one of the most suitable materials available to builders, but has more recently been replaced by PVC in most of today’s infrastructures. Our plumbers at Ben Franklin have worked with both old cast iron as well as new PVC materials. Should you find yourself in need of pipe break repair, know that our plumbers have the knowledge and skill set to help you find the best solution.

A Common Problem with old Cast Iron Pipes

A recent news story out of San Diego displays a perfect example of the extent to which cast iron pipes can become a serious problem. One of the city’s old cast iron pipes burst beneath a busy street surface causing flooding to over 10 nearby businesses. Water services have since been restored to the surrounding areas, and city crews have worked on a solution for the much needed pipe break repair. Today’s standard pipe material, PVC, has been used to replace the old broken pipe.

Avoiding Similar Circumstances

If your home was built over 20-25 years ago, the chance that your home contains cast iron pipes is much higher. This, once standard, pipe material has proven detrimental for many homeowners and business owners alike. Our plumbers at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Dallas are ready to help you find solutions for this commonly found material. If you have any concerns about the pipes in your home, or encounter the need for pipe break repair our San Antonio plumbers would love to pay you a visit. Please contact us to make an appointment.

Source: Fox 5 San Diego, “Businesses damaged by water main break,” Kristy Wolski, Sept. 25, 2013