How to Remove and Replace Caulk in Your Bathroom

Water damage inside of bathrooms is almost unavoidable because of the constant presence of steam and moisture. Even the most diligent homeowners can have problems with mold and mildew over time. One of the best ways to protect against these problems is by regularly maintaining the caulk in and around your bathroom.

Caulk works to prevent moisture from getting into the joints between bathroom surfaces. Over time, it can become dry, loose, or damaged. Regularly removing and replacing caulk is one of the most important ways to protect your bathroom from damage. Here’s how to remove and replace it, the right way.

What you’ll need

  1. A caulk-removing product
  2. A dull tool such as a putty knife
  3. Bathroom cleaning materials
  4. Silicon-based caulk made especially for bathroom applications
  5. A utility knife or pair of scissors
  6. A caulk-applying gun

How to Remove Caulk

  1. Apply the remover.
  2. Let the remover do its thing for up to twenty-four hours.
  3. After you let the remover work for 24 hours, you need to remove the caulk. Professionals typically use a utility knife to accomplish this, but we recommend trying something without a sharp edge for safety. If you let the remover work long enough, it should come off simply in long strips.
  4. Once you peel the initial strips off, clear away any left-behind bits with a toothbrush or putty knife.
  5. Clean the surface where you just cleared away the caulk. Let the area dry completely for at least a day before attempting to recaulk. Better safe than sorry.

How to Apply Caulk

  1. Once the area where you removed the old stuff is dry, you can apply new caulk to the exposed joint. Be sure to use a type of caulk that’s intended for use in bathrooms. Bathroom caulk will have the waterproof, flexible, and mildew-resistant features you need.
  2. Use a utility knife or sharp pair of scissors to cut a 45 degree angle slice at the 1/8″ mark on the tube.
  3. Place the open tube in the caulk gun. Apply it steadily along the joint you’re trying to protect. Take your time, stay steady, and keep the tip of the gun close to the wall. Once you’ve finished with application, smooth it out with your finger or an applicator.
  4. Let it dry for at least 24 hours before using the bathroom.

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