An Exhaustive Guide to Choosing a New Bathtub

Bathtubs are great. They’re a place to relax, wash, to take some time away from the busy world. People love their tubs, which is why the companies that make them offer such an overwhelmingly large variety of styles. There are different features, finishes, and shapes to appeal to every personal preference imaginable. With so much to choose from, how could you possibly choose a new bathtub?

Well, you could start by answering these questions. Each time you answer one more of the questions listed in our exhaustive guide to choosing a new bathtub, you’ll have honed in on what you want, until you’re left knowing exactly what’s right for you.

How much space do I have?

Measure the space where you plan on putting your bathtub before you do anything else. You don’t want to find something you love, only to discover that it’s way too big!

What is my budget?

A lot of variables determine a bathtubs’ price. Do a little research on how much the kinds of tubs you’re looking for usually go for. Figure out if what you’re willing to spend, and what that means for your options. There’s no point looking at a $4000 future-tub if you don’t have $4000 to spend, for instance.

Choosing a budget before you start looking is going to help you stick to exactly what you want. You’ll end up happier and the process will go down smoother, too.

What sort of style am I looking for?

First things first: what shape do you want your bathtub to have and how do you want it to work inside your bathroom? Are you interested in a freestanding tub like the classic clawfoot? Would you prefer to tuck it in a corner with an alcove bathtub? There are corner bathtubs, drop-in bathtubs, jacuzzi bathtubs, and a million others. By choosing the general style first, you’ll be able to narrow things down before choosing materials and other details.

What material do I want my tub to be made out of?

The widest variety of bathtubs are going to be made of either acrylic or fiberglass. These are the two most affordable and accessible options. Acrylic is durable, lightweight, and holds heat well. Fiberglass is more affordable and especially lightweight, but it doesn’t hold heat as well.

There are alternative, specialty options that cost more but have their own advantages too. Tubs can be made out of all kinds of materials, including cast iron, steel, marble, copper, and polymer.

Can my water heater support the size of the tub I’m looking at?

If you plan on getting a giant 10-person tub, make sure your water heater can support it. We always recommend taking a look at the status of your water heater before a new bathtub installation. That way, if you think it’s time for an upgrade, you can arrange an installation two-in-one.

How heavy is the tub and is the flooring I have capable of supporting it?

If you buy a tub made of the most common bathtub materials, acrylic or fiberglass tub, you should never be a big problem when it comes to supporting their weight. If you choose a heavier material, however, make sure that the flooring underneath it can support its weight. Nobody wants to fall through the floor–especially when they’re naked and covered in bubbles.

Am I going to want or need a shower option?

Most bathtubs can accommodate shower fittings, but a lot of freestanding tubs aren’t capable. Keep that in mind when making your choice.

What are some trusted bath tub brands to be looking at?

We did some of the initial work for you. Here are a few frequently recommended bathtub brands you can use to start your search: American Standard, Toto, Proflo, Mirabelle, and Kohler.

Who will install my tub once I purchase it?

Make sure that, before you purchase a new bathtub, you know who you’ll be calling to put it in your home. Your best option is finding a trusted plumbing company to do the initial installation. Ahem.

Follow this list and you’ll be basking in warm, great-smelling, bubbly bath perfection in no time. When it comes to getting your dream bathtub installed, come to the experts at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Dallas for quick, quality, efficient installation each and every time.