5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Toilet

It’s time to say goodbye.

For as long as you’ve relied on your toilet as a critical part of your home, its replacement will be just as reliable and capable — if not better!

The average person flushes a toilet nearly 2,000 times each year. That’s quite a few flushes that take a toll on the porcelain throne sitting in your bathroom. Unavoidable wear and tear will certainly impact the life of your toilet, but these other signs might mean it’s time to welcome a new addition to your bathroom. Here’s when you know it’s time to replace your toilet:

1. There are cracks and leaks

Even the smallest cracks on your toilet can eventually grow into large cracks that get worse over time. Those cracks can cause slow water leaks that impact your walls and floors, and you could end up having to replace your tile floor. Those cracks could be in the tank or the bowl, and either place could produce an unwanted surprise in your bathroom. The resulting mold won’t be pleasant, either.

2. It regularly clogs

Occasionally having to reach for the plunger is fine. But if you frequently spend time with your trusty plunger, maybe it’s the toilet itself that’s not doing its job. Perhaps a toilet with more powerful, efficient flushing will be better for your home than the low-flush model sitting in your bathroom.

3. Your toilet is inefficient

In this day and age, homeowners value efficiency, and a toilet is no exception. Nearly 45 percent of water usage in the average home stems from the bathroom, and about 27 percent is used by toilets. If you have an older, less efficient model in your home, you could be using as many as seven gallons of water per flush. Many high-efficiency models use only 1.28 gallons per flush. The numbers are clear, and your choice of toilet should be, too.

4. It’s outdated

For as often as you replace clothing, furniture and other small things around your home, the toilet is the trusty device that often goes ignored. Even if your toilet is known for its reliability or ability to avoid clogs, sometimes it’s time to upgrade. Many older models aren’t as comfortable as new models, which have new heights and shapes. If you’re not satisfied with your toilet’s appearance or comfort level, you deserve to splurge on something new.

5. It requires frequent repairs

If your toilet requires frequent repairs, it might be telling you it’s ready to retire. Toilets don’t last forever, and if you’re opening the door for the plumber more often than you’d like, a new toilet could save you a few headaches down the road.

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