The Clear Picture: 4 Benefits of Sewer Inspection Cameras

Fear of the unknown is daunting, but lying awake at night wondering about the condition of your plumbing pipes or what’s clogging your drain shouldn’t be your reality.

There is a sure way to know what’s going on inside your home plumbing. Sewer inspection cameras are exactly what they sound like and can detect anything from leaks to clogs.

The pictures won’t be pretty, but the camera attached to the end of a flexible rod used by professionals will find plumbing problems before they turn into disasters. You might not think there’s an issue or be able to see one, but that’s exactly the point! Here are more reasons a sewer line inspection could be beneficial for you:

1. Locate a leak or water break

There are telltale signs of water leaks, and then there are hidden clues there’s something not quite right with your plumbing. While the not-so-subtle signs might be enough to discover where water is escaping your pipes, sewer inspection cameras can help determine the exact location. If left untreated, plumbing leaks can be costly and result in long-term damage to your home. If you notice the slightest change in water pressure or your water bill, get things checked out. Preventative measures won’t always keep emergencies at bay.

2. Eliminate unnecessary digging and guessing

The thought of digging a small hole in your lawn wasn’t so bad until it turned into a 3-foot trench, and you and your plumber are still trying to find the leak or obstruction in your plumbing. Sewer inspection cameras are much less intrusive while eliminating the higher cost and excessive digging in your yard while guessing the wrong spots. You’ll also save some time explaining to the neighbors why your property has become a mess and an eyesore.

3. Determine condition of pipes

The inner workings of your home plumbing are often out of sight and out of mind. You can’t monitor the condition of your pipes at all times, but a replacement part or system is sometimes necessary. A sewer inspection camera is a relatively non-intrusive way to determine the condition of your pipes. Especially when you purchase a new home, knowing ahead of time when corrosion is happening or a collapsed pipe is imminent will save you from an impending emergency and costly repair.

4. Reference video

A sewer inspection camera can provide you with a visual reference of the condition of your pipes, for your own use or insurance purposes. The camera will provide irrefutable evidence of the exact condition of your pipes and sewer lines, instead of an estimated guess that could be far from what’s actually going on with your plumbing.

You probably won’t want to do this yourself, but the experts at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Dallas are here to help. Our trained professionals may use a sewer line inspection camera to determine the exact location of a leak or clog. Whether you need peace of mind, or help locating a lost item that’s clogging your pipes, call the plumbers at Ben Franklin today.