Plumbing Problems That Can Clog Your Summer Plans

Summer can be a busy time for your plumbing. To prevent problems and help save on your utility bills, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® offers these suggestions.

There can be a lot going down your drains in the summer. Extra visitors, children home from school and entertaining can create extra use for your plumbing. The trusted plumbers at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® have these top tips to keep your summer flowing smoothly free of plumbing problems:

Garbage Disposal 101 for Plumbing Problems

The rule to follow is: if it can fit in your hand, throw it in the garbage can.

If you are cooking or entertaining during the summer, remember to put kitchen waste in the garbage can or the compost pile and not in your garbage disposal. Bones and fibrous foods can damage your disposal and cause plumbing problems.

Repair leaks

The EPA estimates 10,000 gallons of water are wasted every year in the average household. Leaking garden hoses, sprinklers and bathroom fixtures can be trouble spots. You can fix these leaks yourself or call a trusted plumber for help. Plumbers also have professional grade replacement parts.


Consider an on-demand recirculating system and water saving fixtures. Just press a button before turning on your faucet and get instant hot water. No more wasting water, waiting for it to get hot. According to the Department of Energy, water heating is the second largest expense on your utility bill. New low-flow faucets, shower heads, modern low flow toilets, dishwashers and washing machines are designed to use less water and energy.

Plumbing Inspection

A plumbing inspection by a plumbing professional can detect leaks and problems you may not even be aware of. You can recoup the cost of the inspection quickly, if the plumber finds leaks, clogs and other ways water is being wasted.

For more water saving information and home plumbing trends, contact your local Benjamin Franklin Plumbing.