Simple Steps to Saving Water, Energy and Money This Summer

Texas summers are known to be full of great food, even better BBQ, and an abundance of flowing sweet tea. However, a true Texan knows all too well that despite the perks of summer food, June to August can be hot and dry. Sometimes, our AC feels like the only respite!

Thankfully, early summer rains helped end our long-running drought, but it doesn’t always feel that way when we’re trekking to and from work, sports, and other summer activities under the hot Texas sun.

With temperatures and electricity bills alike skyrocketing, we want to offer some strategies that will help you save water, energy, and money this summer.

Saving energy: Top 10 Countdown

1. According to the Public Utility Commission of Texas, every added degree of extra cooling below 78°F correlates to an increase in energy usage by six to eight percent. Try setting your thermostat as high as comfortably possible, as this will minimize the energy used to keep your home as cool as possible when the outside temperature is putting up a fight.

2. Utilizing, and closing, interior window coverings will keep out the sun’s heat and trap the cool air inside.

3. Try to only run your dishwasher and washing machine when they are fully loaded.

4. Use a clothesline as an alternative to your dryer, which uses of a high amount of energy and money. According to the Department of Energy, it typically costs 30 to 40 cents to dry a load of laundry in a residential electric dryer, which can quickly add up! Plus, who doesn’t like the fresh smell of just-washed clothes?

5. Close all air vents in rooms that go unused to save energy.

6. Lower the overall heat and thermostat on your water heater. With every 10 degrees of reduction, you can potentially save between three to five percent in energy costs.

7. Make the effort to take short showers rather than spending time soaking in the bathtub. A quick shower will save energy and use less water than what it takes to fill a tub.

8. Did you know that, as opposed to your dishwasher, your washing machine doesn’t require a minimum temperature for optimal cleaning? Believe it or not, cold water is sufficient for rinsing.

9. When it comes to watering and your sprinkler system, make the effort to water early in the morning before temperatures have skyrocketed. This will help to reduce evaporation, thus making watering more efficient. Additionally, check your sprinkler cover to avoid overwatering.

10. Ceiling fans certainly help to keep you cool while inside and attempting to escape the heat. However, keep in mind that fans work to cool people, not rooms, with the overall wind chill effect. Save energy and turn off your fan when you leave the room!

These are just a few tricks and tips for saving water, energy, and money this summer. Remember that while these tricks are helpful in lowering your electrical bill and reducing water waste, it is also important to keep your overall electrical and plumbing services up-to-date in order to have them working efficiently and effectively.

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