4 DIY Ways to Clear a Clogged Drain

You’re not quite sure what’s in your drain, but whatever it is has suddenly caused standing water in your bathtub. Even worse? An odor in your kitchen that accompanies the leftovers from dinner floating in the sink.

A clogged drain is a common problem, and you probably have everything you need at home to solve the problem. Instead of traveling to the store, open your cabinet or look in the cupboard for clogged drain remedies in plain sight.

It’s tough to avoid the hair, foreign objects or even soap pieces that end up lodged in your drain. How did they even get there? But saving time and money while discovering your inner plumber is simple.

These unconventional home remedies for clogged drains are easy to do yourself.

1. Transform tools

Whether it’s the sink, toilet or bathtub, there are a handful of tools that will do the trick.

Scan your closet for that old, metal hanger — it’s about to be transformed into your new drain cleaning tool. The process is simple: straighten the hanger and bend the tip into a hook in order to grab whatever is lodged in the clogged drain.

The hanger might not be long enough to fix the problem. If that’s the case, there are various options to consider. Drain cleaning tools are relatively inexpensive and readily available. Tools such as the Zip-It are 20 inches long! If that’s not working, it’s best to call in a professional instead of getting a tool stuck in your drain.

2. Put down the harsh chemicals

Why dump more liquid down the drain when it’s not going down in the first place? With the right mixture, your clogged drain will soon be working like normal again.

You don’t need the harsh chemical cleaners to do all the work — what you have at home will work just fine. This recipe containing water, baking soda and vinegar will loosen the clog and reduce the materials building up in your drain. If you’ve already used a commercial cleaner in your drain, remember it can be dangerous to try other household mixtures in case of certain reactions. In fact, using hot water might be just what you need.

If these methods fail, consider BioBEN®, our exclusive, environmentally friendly drain cleaner. Learn more about BioBEN® in our blog about green drain cleaners.

3. Break out the old plunger

When you flush the toilet and the water comes right back up, picking up the plunger is likely your first reaction. Did you know you can use the plunger in places like your kitchen sink? Yes, really. You can try using it in your bathtub, too!

Before you start, make sure your sink or tub has a few inches of water in it. As you’re plunging, be sure the plunger has water inside, not air — this will ensure the process is more effective. These tips will make your creative plumbing a bit easier.

4. Vacuum

If you have a wet/dry vacuum, now is the time to use it. Properly using the vacuum can help you fix your clogged drain, but be sure to create a tight seal and be aware of the potential mess that could result from the attempt.

It’s worth a shot. The vacuum could be just powerful enough to dislodge anything that was preventing drainage or causing that terrible odor in your home.

Clogged drains are tough to prevent. Home remedies may do the trick, but sometimes it’s necessary to call in a professional. The Punctual Plumbers of Ben Franklin Plumbing in Dallas have top of the line pipe-clearing tools to fix clogged drains. Our team of trained professionals uses video camera probes to determine your clogging problems, so give us a call or schedule online today!