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How to Shut off Water Main Valves

When there is water gushing into your home, it is very important to know how to shut off water main valves and cut off the flow of water. You can call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Dallas for help, but knowing how to cut off the water will likely save your home from a lot of damage. You need to know where the valve is, how to get to the water meter if necessary, and how to cut off the water from the source of the leak.

Where Is It?

The water main valve is likely close to where the water makes its way into your home. Usually if you follow a straight line from the outdoor water meter to your home’s exterior, you can get an idea of where the valve is located. It is likely to be at ground level and located behind some sort of door or access panel. The shut-off valve should be accessible, so it should not be holed up behind a wall. If you can’t find the valve, contact your Dallas Fort Worth plumber and we’ll help you locate it.

Go to Your Water Meter if Necessary

If you cannot figure out how to shut off water main valves inside your home, go to the water meter. You should be able to close the valve that is on the side of your home, though you may want to ask for help if you live in an apartment or cannot tell which valve leads to your house.

Leak Source

You can also cut off the water from the source of your leak. There should be valves near your toilet and sinks. If the leak is coming from one of these areas, close the valves to shut off the flow of water. If this does not work, you may need to go to the water main shut-off valve.

Call Us

After securing your home by knowing how to shut off water main valves, give Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Dallas a call. We’ll be happy to help you decipher what is causing the leak in your home, so contact us today.