Snake the Drain: Professional Pipe Cleaning

Plumbing pipes are responsible for the transportation of clean water in and waste water out of your home. While they have an essential purpose, they also tend to accumulate buildup that can compromise their functionality. One effective way to rid your pipes of this troublesome buildup is to solicit the help of a plumber to snake the drain. At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Dallas we specialize in this and other plumbing maintenance services.

How Snakes Remove Clogs

Drain pipe clogs often result from buildup of hair, dirt, grease, or small objects (e.g. toys, combs, rags, etc.). When this happens, a plumber can snake the drain to remove the clog. A plumbing snake, sometimes called a plumber’s jack, is a tool used to remove debris from drain pipes to restore proper water flow. On one end of the device is a long, flexible auger that is fed into the pipe. The tip of the auger attaches itself to the clog. On the other end is a crank—manual or automatic—which spins the auger before it is pulled out of the pipe with the clog attached.

How Snakes Loosen Sediment Buildup

Over time, minerals and sediment from water collect on the inside of plumbing pipes. This can slow the flow of your drains and increase the likelihood of a leak. A professional plumber can snake the drain to remove this sediment buildup. For this purpose, the auger is fed through the affected pipe and is cranked quickly so that the vigorous movement breaks up and clears the drain of the buildup.

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