What To Do When Pipes Make Gurgling Sound

When you use your sink, your shower or your toilet and you hear that your pipes are making a gurgling sound, then you more than likely have a blocked drain or possibly a vent pipe. This is often caused by a mixture of grease and dirt that can gradually build up in your plumbing and result in your water not draining as quickly as normal. Air bubbles are unable to get through your pipes so they escape through the first route they can – and that’s the gurgling noise you hear.

How to Prevent the Problem

The best way to keep your pipes from making a gurgling sound is to keep from pouring materials down your drain that can cause an accumulation of food, grease or hair. If you already have a buildup, then you can try pouring either a chemical or natural drain cleaner (we recommend the latter) down the drain to clear the problem. It’s extremely important that you follow directions closely, especially if you’re using toxic chemicals. You also need to make sure that whatever product you use has enough time to work.

If you still have the problem, then you may need to rent a drain snake at your local hardware store. It has a long, flexible wire that reaches far into your plumbing to break up any clog that has formed. Again, though, you need to be extremely careful so that you don’t run the risk of damaging your pipes.

Another Possible Cause

The reason that your pipes are making a gurgling sound is that a vent pipe could be blocked. This pipe connects to all of your other main pipes and vents through your roof. Bird’s nests, leaves and accumulated debris are couple of the common culprits that lead to this issue. When this happens, air is not able to escape through the vent and goes through the nearest opening – usually the sink that was used last.

If you have this issue you should always call an experienced professional to take care of this type of plumbing repair. If you try to clear a vent pipe on your own you could easily be seriously hurt.

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