A Hot Water Heater Timer Can Save You Money

Spiralling energy costs are driving more and more of us to seek out ways of saving money on our everyday lifestyle costs. Whether that is looking toward more energy efficient appliances or ways to make our existing appliances more energy efficient, there are options for all.

If you are paying to heat up and store a large tank of water for your domestic needs, there are some simple tips that can help bring the cost down.


Make sure your water storage tank is fitted with a thermostat, if it is, try lowering the temperature a few degrees; you obviously don’t want cold water, but if you can manage a few degrees cooler, there will be noticeable savings on your energy bill.

Hot Water Heater and Timer

Most energy companies offer a lower tariff, when the demand for power isn’t as great. Utilizing a timer to take advantage of that lower rate is a great way to lower energy bills. For a fraction of the daytime price, you can heat up a whole tank ready for when you need it. Just make sure that your tank is on good working condition and is capable of storing the water at temperature for a number of hours.

Another great tip would be to only have the heater come on in the hour before you are due home; this still means that you have a steaming tank of water on your arrival but you haven’t been paying for it all day long.

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