Importance of Drain Cleaning

Your home performs important functions for you and your family’s comfort and well being. You count on your home to be a safe and functional place to work, eat, sleep and live. There are many systems and parts of your home that require regular maintenance, including your plumbing system. One of the most important and common types of plumbing maintenance is drain cleaning.  At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Dallas, we are happy to take care of this and all other home plumbing needs.

Avoid Drain Clogs

Cleaning your plumbing fixtures regularly is a great way to avoid frustrating drain clogs. Over time, organic matter such as hair, skin, and grease as well as soap buildup and sediment can accumulate along the sides of your drain pipes. This gradually reduces the drains flow of water and can eventually cause a complete seal, or clog. Regular drain cleaning can help to clear your drain pipe accumulation before the buildup becomes a major issue.

Avoid Clog Damage

While slow drains (or drains that are completely clogged) are inconvenient, they can also cause more serious damage. Standing, or stagnant, water can cause permanent damage and erosion to your plumbing pipes and fixtures. If the clog becomes severe and is left untreated, the pipe could even burst causing additional damage and required repairs.

Professional drain cleaning on a regular basis to treat the accumulation of drain pipe build up is one of the best ways to avoid these issues and ensure that your home has a safe and efficient plumbing system. Call Benjamin Franklin for all your Dallas area plumbing needs.