What’s a Hybrid Water Heater?

Are you considering installing a new hybrid water heater in your home? Perhaps telltale dripping from the bottom of your old tank water heater has made you suspect  you need a new one, or maybe you’re frustrated  your tankless water heater cannot reliably supply enough hot water to take a shower while the dishwasher is running. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Dallas has the solution for all of your water heater woes: a new state-of-the-art Eternal Hybrid Tankless Water Heater!

Although there is much to love about traditional and tankless water heating systems, both have significant disadvantages. A hybrid water heater integrates the best features of conventional tank and tankless water heaters while eliminating the problems inherent in these older technologies.

Three key features that differentiate hybrids from other water heater types are:

  1. Dual activation by thermostat and water flow sensor
  2. A combination of tank-type water flow and tankless efficiency
  3. A holding tank system for tempering water prior to full heating

Activated by flow or by thermostat, depending on whether use calls for high or low water flow, hybrids employ a multi-pass heat exchanger technology to efficiently produce truly endless hot water with consistent pressure across multiple applications. Go ahead and run the dishwasher while the whole family lines up for showers; you won’t run out of hot water or experience any scalding or sudden dousing with cold water with our premier hybrid system.

Our Eternal hybrid system offers these additional advantages to homeowners:

  • It produces in excess of 300% more hot water than traditional tank heaters while measuring in at half the size
  • It uses up to 50% less natural gas than gas tank heaters; it is self-cleaning
  • It uses PVC venting
  • Its safe, ultra-low emissions leave practically no carbon footprint
  • It features Energy Star® savings and a 20-year warranty, which exceeds industry standards

If you’re ready to enjoy all the benefits of a hybrid tankless water heater and are looking for a plumber in Dallas, we can help. Our knowledgeable professionals at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Dallas can handle all of your plumbing installation needs and will assist you in making an informed choice about the best new water heater for your home. Give us a call today at (972) 895-7775.