Ways to Reduce Your Water Bills

The cost of utilities is steadily rising, and it’s wise to find ways to lower them in the state of the economy. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing brings you these useful tips to help you save money on your monthly water bill. Incorporate them into your home to reduce overall water usage and your monthly bill.

Invest in Low-Flow Fixtures

Water-saving toilets, showers, and sink faucets use less water. A plumber can replace these fixtures for you to make water conservation easy. Best of all, you won’t have to remember to do anything special, like turning off fixtures, but you will watch your water bill drop.

Wait Until It’s Full

One of our best tips for homeowners is to not run your laundry or dishes until you have a full load. Running partial loads uses the same amount of water as a full load, plus the cost of the extra electricity every time you run the appliance.

Additionally, try not using water to pre-rinse your plates once food particles have been scraped off. Newer dishwashing systems are made to handle small amounts of food and leave the plates clean.

Invest in Timely Repair

Keep up with your routine plumbing maintenance to avoid wasting water. When fixtures start to break and fail, water leaks are not far behind. A leaking faucet wastes water and drives your bill higher—some estimates show that a single faucet leak can cost you over 3,000 extra gallons of water each year, which amounts to hundreds of dollars wasted each month.

We advise you to call for plumbing repair as soon as you notice a leaking faucet to avoid serious problems and high bills later.

Water Smart

We understand that you want to water your yard to keep the grass lush and green, but we also know you don’t want to waste water in the process. Lawns should only be watered once a week, but only to a depth of one inch. This encourages deep, strong grass roots and makes your grass resistant to drought and disease so you will not have to water it as frequently.

Use these water conservation tips from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing to save water around your house and lower your monthly water bill. They are easy to implement and can save you a substantial amount of money every month. Contact our team if you want to invest in new low-flow fixtures or water-saving appliances, or if you simply want more tips you can use in your home.