Acting Quickly in an Emergency Saves Your Home

Emergencies can strike at any time. Plumbing lines can fail unexpectedly, toilets can overflow, and you can wind up with water all over your house. Acting quickly can save your home from serious water damage and extensive repair bills. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Dallas proudly offers emergency service, but it’s important to know what action to take in an emergency to limit damage.

Be Observant

Emergencies aren’t always obvious. Sometimes the leak, the culprit, is in a secluded spot requiring you to watch for other clues.

  • If you hear water running but the sinks are off, you could have a leak hidden somewhere in a wall or under the slab.
  • Water bills that are extremely high without an apparent cause can point to hidden leaks.

Call a Plano plumber for leak detection services to pinpoint and correct the problems before you have serious damage.

Know Where the Emergency Shut-Off Is

When you see water pouring out of a broken pipe, you must stop the water immediately.

  • If the pipe has a shut-off valve, turn off the water to minimize the damage.
  • If there is not a valve nearby, then shut off water at the main pipe.

Fast action is not only necessary to protect your house, but may also be required by your insurance company. If you allow water to pour all over your house without taking steps to stop it, your homeowner’s insurance can refuse to pay the claim.

Start Cleaning Water Immediately

With the water shut down and a call in for emergency plumbing repair, it’s time to start clearing the water from the floor. Removing water from the area promptly will prevent any wood floors from rotting, will head off problems with mold, and will make the overall cleanup easier.

Once the standing water is taken out, bring in fans and dehumidifiers to dry the residual moisture. If necessary, call in a water restoration company to make sure your home is safe and dry.

Get Help – Fast

When you have a plumbing emergency, your first step is to shut down the water at the source. Your next step is to call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Dallas at (972) 895-7775. We will take care of the necessary repairs and can help you with water extraction if the flooding is extensive. Tending to water leaks quickly can literally save your house and reduce your repair bills in the future.