Save Lives With Gas Leak Detection

If you ever smell gas in your home, it is important that you leave immediately and call your gas company. Although natural gas is used to heat your home, it can be very deadly for you to breathe. At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Dallas, we can assist you in preventing this potentially dangerous situation by helping you get gas leak detection for your home. In case of an emergency, we can respond quickly, and rescue you and your family from harm.

Gas Leaks Can Be Harmful

In Oklahoma, six students and teachers were sent to the hospital recently because of a gas leak. These individuals were hospitalized after complaining of nausea, stinging eyes, and dizziness. The leak came from the heating unit that was recently installed on the roof, and officials confirmed that there was carbon monoxide in the air. Due to this incident, the school was shut down temporarily until the unit could be replaced. To keep the students and staff safe from future situations, the school district began looking into gas leak detection devices. Although there is no state law that requires these precautions, school officials want detectors placed in every classroom to protect their students and staff.

Detection is the Answer

Protect you and your family from harm by getting gas leak detection. With our skilled San Antonio plumbers, we can help you detect gas before it becomes a deadly situation. At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Dallas, we are also here to help you promptly if you smell natural gas in your home. Contact us today for fast, reliable service.