How to Prevent Clogged Drains

A clogged drain is an unpleasant and unwelcome experience no matter when or where it happens. While the store shelves are filled with plenty of products promising to get rid of the clog, preventing the situation is a much easier alternative. Our drain cleaning experts at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing offer these tips on how to prevent clogged drains in your home.

Drain Strainers

Drain strainers fit into both sink and shower drains to catch the soap scum, hair and other debris that can contribute to drain clogs. Strainers are inexpensive and easy to find at hardware and similar stores. Outfit each drain with a strainer and clean them out on a daily basis to prevent many clogs.

Clean Drain Stoppers

Most bathroom and kitchen sinks are outfitted with a drain stopper or drain plug that can be used to keep water within the sink. Over time, debris can collect on the stopper and cause the drain to empty slowly.

Once each week, remove the stopper and clean it. Be sure to empty the dirt into the trash can rather than washing it down the sink while cleaning.

Drain Maintenance

Regular drain maintenance for the sink and shower drains is essential for preventing clogs.

  1. At least once each month, pour half a cup of baking soda into each drain, followed by half a cup of lemon juice.
  2. Plug the stopped-up drain and allow these two natural ingredients to bubble for 30 minutes.
  3. Turn on the hot water and flush the drains out for three to five minutes.
  4. Alternatively, boil a pot of water and pour the boiling water down the drain. The chemical reaction breaks through the clogs and the hot water flushes away debris.

As your plumber, we offer drain cleaning services when clogs do occur. For the most stubborn of drain clogs, we perform plumbing camera inspections to identify the source of the problem.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with our professional plumbers at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Dallas, call us today.