How to Clean a Drain with an Auger

It’s not uncommon for drains to become clogged over time, and knowing how to fix them will save you time and money. An auger or plumbing snake will clear smaller drain clogs. For the big jobs, you can always count on a professional plumber from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. Our drain cleaning service has the efficient, innovative tools to repair the most stubborn clogs.

Fortunately, most clogged drains can be repaired on your own, providing you follow the proper regimen. For DIY plumbing repair, start with a sewer snake that can be purchased at any home improvement store. There are many varieties available, including handheld and electric powered ones; although most homeowners will find a hand operated, 50-foot plumbing snake to be adequate. Before you start, remove the drain cover from the drain you’ll be working on.

Learning how to use a drain snake is simple and starts by gliding the sewer snake into the drain hole until you reach the blockage. It’s important to push the sewer snake carefully but firmly as it may get stuck on the joints in the plumbing before it reaches the source of the clog. When you’ve finally reached the blockage, move the sewer snake back and forth so that it’s right against the obstruction. Do not push the blockage further down the plumbing.

Next, twist the handle of the sewer snake so that it starts to collect what’s in the plumbing. By rotating the device, the blockage becomes entangled in the coils on the snake. Once caught, lift the drain snake out of the drain and throw away the debris. Rinse the drain with clean water to remove loose debris, and replace the drain cover.

Using a sewer snake is the most effective way to remove stubborn clogs and avoids the need for chemical drain cleaners. If you cannot remove the blockage or the drain continues to clog, call in help from the professionals at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing.