Water Filtration Service From Your Flower Mound TX Plumber

Like most homes in the United States, Flower Mound homes often use hard water. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, residents who don’t like hard water might want to consider having a water filtration system installed to deal with the issue. If this is you, then you need to know that Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is the premier plumbing company in Flower Mound TX , and we can help you with your water filtration system installation and maintenance.

Hard Water: Striking a Balance

Typically, hard water is designated as such because it contains more than seven grains of mineral per gallon. Hard water is sometimes preferred because of its taste, and because it contains iron, calcium and magnesium in small doses, these things can be good for your body. Unfortunately, it’s a delicate balance, as very hard water can taste metallic, and it can also cause deposits to build up inside of pipes and appliances, leading to clogs and broken appliances. Additionally, mineral deposits can also cause buildup within the body, and this can lead to painful and costly kidney stones and more.

H2O Harmony Water Systems

As a Flower Mound TX plumber resource, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing can help Flower Mound residents who are battling hard water by installing the H2O Harmony Water System. This system ultimately removes impurities and minerals, leaving nothing but pure, clean water. We also offer water softeners that are great for removing other dangerous pollutants, including radon. When you have one of our water filtration solutions installed in your home, we’ll also clean and clear your pipes and appliances to ensure that you receive nothing but clean, soft water.

We can also offer systems that use reverse osmosis to ensure that pollutants are removed from your drinking water. Reverse osmosis works by allowing water molecules to pass through a membrane filter, and this means that only the actual water makes it into your home while leaving toxins behind. These types of filters are convenient, as they can be installed right at your faucet.  If you choose to use a water softening system, it will be installed at the water’s point of entry, allowing for all water to be softened as it enters your home. When you purchase a water filtration system from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, we also offer maintenance and filter changing services all year long.

If you’d like to learn more about our affordable and efficient water filtration systems and solutions, call the professionals at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Dallas by dialing (972) 895-7775