Regardless if your home water supply is from a well or from a city main, you might notice some strange qualities about it. In city water treatment, a variety of systems and chemicals are used to filter and purify the water to standards acceptable for home use and drinking; for homes using a well, water is pulled into the home for immediate use from its ground water source.

By pulling water from these sources, we are susceptible to having hard water in the home; water is defined as hard when it has a high mineral content.  Some side-effects of hard water are more obvious than others, but all can be alleviated with proper water treatment solutions. Our city water softener systems also remove chlorine, which is dangerous for both humans and pets.

  • Dry skin and/or frizzy, brittle hair
  • Water spots on fixtures
  • Dishes aren't as clean after washing
  • Shorter lifespan for appliances (including your hot water tank!)

Water softeners are a way to not only decrease wear and tear on the fixtures and appliances in your home, but also to improve the quality and taste of your water. Water softeners are low-maintenance systems that offer endless benefits to you and your home. We provide complimentary water tests, and can help you find the water treatment system that fits your needs and budget.