What is a sump pump?

While home shopping, you may come across homes that feature a sump pump, or a battery back-up sump pump. If you're unfamiliar with these, or your previous homes haven't had one, it's important to know what their purpose is and how they can benefit your home.

A sump pump is typically found in a basement and is used to remove excess water from its basin. The water enters the basin from a waterproofing system, rain/storm water, or ground water. Sump pumps are used to reduce dampness and to prevent basement flooding, as they send the accumulated water away from the home into a storm drain or dry well.

Sump pumps are usually hard wired into the home, but it's beneficial to have a battery back-up for the system in the event of a power outage; in the event the sump pump does lose power, the battery-back up will keep running to prevent flooding. There are also different types of sump pumps, pedestal and submersible, and they can be used in both commercial and residential settings. If you think a sump pump may be a good investment for your home, contact us today for installation options.