The drink that sustains every living thing on earth. It’s also the drink that has the power to harm the human body immensely. Let’s face it, not everyone is privileged with a clean supply of drinking water but luckily, living in a place such as Atascadero, CA, you don’t get to face that problem. Even so, it’s very important that you know exactly the kind of water that flows through the supply into your home.

Water filtration is one of the most crucial and basic aspects that you need to take care of but that’s where most people tend to go wrong. Remember, not all water filtration systems in Atascadero, CA are made suitable to your home’s requirements which is why it’s important to get professional guidance before coming to a conclusion. If you’re the type of person who often finds trouble with finding the right water filtration systems in Atascadero, CA then this is definitely the post for you!


People often believe that pure water is only based on how the water smells and taste, however, it’s important to note that water filtration systems in Atascadero, CA is about more than just that. Its main focus is instead based towards having full access to clean water that is essentially a safe option for your health. What usually comes as a surprise is the face that a basic necessity can often become the leading health concern, if you’re not careful enough. The contaminated, unfiltered water is what often results in making your body vulnerable to dire effects. These aren’t only limited to the external body but also on the internal one.

Some common problems that is often leads to are rashes, irritations and asthma but that’s just the most basic troubles while the list only gets worse. It’s no wonder so much emphasis is placed on receiving the best filtered water available for your home.


The municipal water is often quite contaminated which means that for safe use, it has to undergo various different procedures which sufficiently enhances the quality of water being supplied. This is done when the attention is not only focused on the removal of impurities but also the bacteria, chemicals, additives and dirt. Along with these, sometimes the water is also loaded with pesticides and herbicides which are not only toxic but also very difficult to remove.

Adding to the list, some of the main impurities that the water filtration systems in Atascadero, CA often remove are:

  • Bacteria

  • Radioactive substances

  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s)

  • Chlorine and more toxic materials.

To be completely certain that the water supplied into your home is free from these substances you would need to opt for the best water filtration systems in Atascadero, CA. But before you go on your search to find the perfect system for you, you need a good understanding of the filtrates that are being removed.

At the mention of filtration, people often begin by thinking about the process of boiling. While that is a telltale solution, it doesn’t do much good if the contaminants present in the water are chemical or solids. However, most of the best filtration methods begin their steps by boiling the water first.


Most people tend to find the methods of filtration a little overwhelming especially after knowing the processes it has to pass through to ensure safe and pure drinking water. However, here are a few water filtration systems in Atascadero, CA that you need to know of:


This is amongst the most archaic methods of water filtration systems in Atascadero, CA and it starts by boiling the water before taking it forward to the process of condensation. While it may be one of the most common methods of purification especially in conditions with difficult access to drinking water, it’s still quite an expensive procedure.

Apart from that, distilled water is advised not to drink especially since it becomes more acidic and causes more damage to the body. Herbicides, pesticides and other chemicals also tend to stay back in the water which can result in severe consequences. However, the resulting water still retains most of its minerals and in places severely short on water, a distilled water filtration systems in Atascadero, CA seems like a good respite.


This method is not only environmentally friendly but it allows the use of organic compounds to clean the water that is specifically used for drinking. Using carbon filters as a form of water filtration allows the large portions of contaminants to be removed from it. It’s important to note that viruses, heavy metals and soluble, inorganic contaminants do not fit the list of items removed from the water.

Carbon filters are often comprised of two types of filters and they both work to make sure that pure drinking water is supplied. The positively charged block helps to attract more impurities and hence better purify the drinking water. That means that while it may be quite effective, the substances not attracted to carbon tend to not get filtered out. However, it still ensures sweet-smelling and tasting water for your home.


This method of water filtration systems in Atascadero, CA is directed more towards the disinfection of water via UV light than any other method. Of course, the target is often just bacteria and fungi instead of any other materials. That means large contaminants still get trapped inside the water and make it unsafe for drinking. This method offers a very safe and easy installation and allows the pure taste of the water. People often tend to opt for this since it is hassle-free and quite cost-effective.

However, before you choose your water filtration systems in Atascadero, CA it’s important to contact a professional and trust them with your residential water supply. After all, it does ensure how well your health it. If you have trouble finding the right person then you can simply contact Benjamin Franklin- The Punctual Plumber and trust them to handle all your residential plumber and water needs. Because of their years of experience, you can trust them to never go wrong with your home!