A sump pump is a device that serves the purpose of removing the excess water that can accumulate in your house, typically in the basement. The water enters the basement of houses usually through the drains of a waterproofing system for the basement, it could be rainwater that funnels into the basement or it could even be the natural water found in the ground if your basement is below the water table.

This stagnant water accumulates in the basement of homes due to lack of proper waterproofing. Here are a few reasons why you should call a plumber in Santa Barbara, CA to install a sump pump in your house.

To Keep the Basement Dry

This is one of the most pertinent reasons why every homeowner should consider calling in a plumber in Santa Barbara, CA to install a sump pump. There are plenty of reasons why the water can accumulate in your basement and it is too costly to have the waterproofing in your home’s basement redone.

When you have a sump pump installed in your basement, it will start to full up with the water that is seeping into your basement and accumulating there. The pump then removes the excess water by pumping it through a pipe that leads outside your home. When you have a professional plumber in Santa Barbara, CA come in to install the sump pump, the professional will make sure that there is a slope built around the house so that the water being pumped out of the basement flows away from your house.

There is a check valve which is installed in the sump pump that makes sure that the water does not flow back into the house. Sump pumps usually have two different kinds of activators – float activators or pressure activators. The float activators are very similar to what you find in toilets which base their activation signal on the level of water in the basement. Pressure sensor activators work based on the weight applied on them by the accumulating water. Even though sump pumps do not require any special wiring when they are being installed, it is better to have a professional plumber in Santa Barbara, CA to come in and install the sump pump as they have extensive knowledge of how to best go about the installation job.

To Prevent Mold

Since the installation of sump pumps in your basement means that the space within your basement will be kept dry, there will be a significantly reduced risk of mold and mildew forming in your house. Molds and mildew forms in houses mainly because of the fact that they have a lot of stagnant water in cool and dark places. The crawl spaces and basements are ideal locations for mold to form, grow and thrive if they are riddled with stagnant water and if you develop a problem of mold, it will take more than just a plumber in Santa Barbara, CA to come in and handle the situation.

Molds and mildew are not just the most unsightly of problems to have in your home but they are also significant health hazards for any homeowner and they can be easily avoided by keeping the basements dry with sump pumps. Another reason why you should call a plumber in Santa Barbara, CA to some in and install the sump pump you and your house needs.

To Alert Homeowners when Water Level is Too High

Even when the sump pump you have installed in your house is not able to successfully get all of the excessive water build up in your basement out, it can still warn homeowners of the risk of flooding. With the advancement of technology coming to a head, there is now also the prospect of sophisticated sump pumps that can communicate with the homeowner and inform them if there is dangerously high levels of water build up in the basement.

Even if the homeowner is away, they can a plumber in Santa Barbara, CA to go in and fix the emergency situation before there is any damage to your household.

To Add Value to Your House

Every homeowner in Santa Barbara, CA knows the importance of sump pumps. It plays a vital role in the long life of a household and that is why having a properly sump pump adds more value to your house. If you are a homeowner looking to sell your house, you want to make sure that you get the most value for your house.

Call in a plumber in Santa Barbara, CA to take a look at the sump pump you have installed in your house. If the sump pump is in perfect working condition, you can be assured that the basement will be dry and that will mean your house has a better structural integrity. People looking to buy homes need to be assured of the safety and security the house provides them and a perfectly working sump pump goes a long way in contributing to that.

This also means if you are looking to buy a home in Santa Barbara, CA, you should call a local plumber in Santa Barbara, CA to come in and do an inspection of the house. It will be a worthwhile investment to make since a professional plumber will be able to better tell you if the sump pump in your potential new home is in good working condition.

To Stabilize the Soil

The reason why a sump pump ads more value to the price of a house is because of the fact that it helps a lot in stabilizing the soil. The better maintained the moisture level of the ground on which a building stands on, the better the stability of the ground will be.

If you are looking to have a sump pump system installed within your house in Santa Barbara, CA, you do not have to look far. The professionals over at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, CA can come in and install the sump pump that every house in Santa Barbara needs.