Signs Indicating a Water Heater Replacement

Hot water knob

Warm water is essential for everyday life, especially if you live in a colder region. Required for various activities like cooking, showers, baths and laundry, the average person consumes around 70 gallons of water per day. But all of this water is used at varying warmth levels. On an average, around 4 to 5 people live in a typical household, and all of them use warm water for different needs. This extensive usage of warm water increases the load on your water heater.

What happens when your water heater is used excessively? Once it has reached its end of useful life or has completely worn off, it will give in and simply stop functioning. Thus, you’d either have to repair the unit or avail services of a company that offers water heater repair in Atascadero, CA such as Benjamin Franklin.

Our expert plumbers suggest that even the topmost water heaters last for around a decade. Regular maintenance is the cue here and can increase usable life, helping you avoid costly water heater repair in Atascadero, CA. But sooner or later, you’d have to get the unit replaced.

Our team that handles installation and water heater repair in Atascadero, CA advises that if you can spot any of the following signs, you should definitely replace your water heater. In all other cases, water heater repair in Atascadero, CA is a good enough choice.


Our expert team dealing with water heater repair in Atascadero, CA states that a water heater will have to be replaced after every 8 to 10 years depending on hot water needs of your household. Of course, there can be variations, but the need for replacement, generally, should not arise before this period, until your usage is extreme.

But what if you don’t see any symptoms indicating a replacement? Many of our clients believe that if they don’t observe any replacement signs, then water heater repair in Atascadero, CA is a good enough choice. Wrong, you should replace your unit by 10 years at the most regardless of whether any symptoms have appeared or not.

On the contrary, what if you do start noticing the symptoms earlier than 8 to 10 years? Replace the unit at the earliest if you come across any of the following signs. If not, then select water heater repair in Atascadero, CA because your unit still has some life left.

  • Has rusted

  • Produces strange noises

  • Leaks are occurring more frequently

  • Doesn’t heat the water any more

Please note that if you have a gas water heater, then its usable life is only around 6 to 8 years.

Still not sure if your water heater has reached end of its life? Call our team dealing with installation and water heater repair in Atascadero, CA. We’ll inspect your unit and then let you know how much longer you can use your current water heater.


Steel is a strenuous metal, but if it rusts, it becomes weak and even unusable as time passes. Generally, the metal tends to react with moisture in the air, forming an oxide or rust on the surface. This rust spreads all over the steel, weakening the structural integrity, and when that happens, the water heater becomes susceptible to leaks.

In certain cases, it can be hard to figure out if the pipes have rusted or if it’s the heater itself. Our team will perform a thorough evaluation, and accordingly let you know whether or not you should replace your water heater. But please note the following points to get an idea.

  • If rusty water flows out of your taps and showers upon turning on hot water, then your heater is probably at fault. If rusty water comes out from both cold and hot water taps, then the problem may be with your pipes.

  • If you spot corrosion signs near the inlet or pressure valve, then the inside of the water heater may have also rusted.


A water heater can produce sounds due to several causes, and as the unit ages, the noises become louder and louder. In such a case, you may be better off with a replacement.

Our expert team dealing with installation and water heater repair in Atascadero, CA suggests that when your heater warms water frequently following the same repetitive cycles, sediment begins to accumulate on the floor of the tank. With the passage of time, this sediment takes up more space and hardens in place. Consequently, the unit becomes inefficient and more prone to potential damages. In addition, this sign is also indicative of a leakage.

Reach out to our team dealing with water heater repair in Atascadero, CA, and let us examine your tank. At times, flushing can increase efficiency and thus, life of your water heater. But if your water heater continues to make noises, buy a new heater.


Water leakages and puddles around the heater are fairly common when the unit is about to give in. if the issue isn’t resolved in a timely manner, then significant water damage can occur.

Your water heater expands when increasing water temperatures. Over time, this expansion can cause a fracture to appear. Initially, the fracture is only minor and will still hold water in the tank. But once it buckles in, water will start leaking. Leaks can also occur because of fittings, pressure overflow pipes and other causes. If the leaks are small, then water heater repair in Atascadero, CA may be suitable, but if they are starting to wet the entire floor, you should think about replacement.

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