Common Things Plumbers Wished You Wouldn’t Do

plumber with checklist

A plumber’s job isn’t an easy one. Not only do they have to rectify what has gone wrong in your plumbing, but they also have to make room for some of the mistakes that you might have committed over time due to neglect. Keeping in mind the complexity of their task, it is pertinent for homeowners to ensure that they don’t commit mistakes that would make a plumber’s job difficult. Plumbers in Paso Robles, CA give their best effort to ensure that effective repair of your plumbing in Paso Robles, CA. However, some of the responsibility falls on your shoulders as well.

Often times homeowners tend to do things that would make professional plumbers in Paso Robles, CA cringe. Here we have made a list of these things so that homeowners could rectify their neglect, and plumbers could have a better time trying to clear the mess in your plumbing. These mistakes on the homeowner’s part not only aggravate the situation in their house’s plumbing but also lead to a bigger monetary expenditure for the repair.

Since all of us don’t want a big repair bill ruining our payday, we have made a list of things that plumbers would want you to not do. Go through the list and try to implement the changes.


Do you ignore the clattering noise coming from your car brakes? Do you ignore an electric socket that gives off a burning smell when you turn it on? Plumbing problems need to be treated just like any other problem. Not only do you have to be apt at recognizing these problems, but you should also realize that ignoring these problems may often just deteriorate the situation. So, instead of waiting and hoping that the problem goes away by itself, try to implement the changes yourself. Look at the problem and call an expert plumber in Paso Robles, CA as soon as possible to handle the issue. Remember, any neglect would lead to more damage and a bigger repair bill.


Although there is no harm in taking up home repair jobs by yourself, you shouldn’t take up too much on your plate. DIY videos on the internet do tend to educate homeowners about tackling home repair themselves, but let us warn you that these videos can be very misleading. Plumbers in Paso Robles, CA can recall numerous occasions where they were called over by a worried homeowner who had damaged their plumbing by following a few of these DIY videos. Problems like drain cleaning, broken pipes, and many others of their sort require a professional plumber in Paso Robles, CA. The plumber would not only understand your problem but also be able to solve it in a better manner, due to having many years of experience. All you need to do is trust your plumber more than you trust those amateur DIY videos.


Ask any homeowner and they would agree that chemical drain cleaners do provide temporary relief in the case of a blocked drained. A blocked drain can often be a sign of worry, and homeowners instead of calling a professional plumber in Paso Robles, CA try to save some money by buying a chemical drain cleaner. These cleaners do provide relief upfront, but at the end of the day, they do more damage than good.

Chemical drain cleaners usually have properties that could be extremely damaging for your drain pipe. These cleaners have chemicals that could damage the interior of your pipes and leave them useless. In such a case it is necessary that you avoid these cleaners at all costs to avoid creating a big mess inside of the drain.


Most homeowners perceive that everything that heads down the drain has gone out of their home. Thus drains, victimized by children and adults alike, start getting used more as trash cans than drains. This worrying practice leads to a lot of trouble that would eventually make the job of a plumber difficult. Plumbers in Paso Robles, CA have reported finding stuff like toilet rolls, dolls, small balls, hair clips, and numerous other things inside of a toilet drain. This practice just clogs the drain to an extent where your plumber would have to work on innovative methods to get the mess out.


The first thing any homeowner should know when they get into a home is where the main water valve and other important plumbing valves are located. Consider a situation where you call your plumber in Paso Robles, CA for an emergency main water line repair. Now, the emergency calls for the main water valve to be closed immediately, but since you have no idea where that valve is located, you just walk around aimlessly trying to locate it. Not only does this make the job of plumbers in Paso Robles, CA difficult, but it also tells a lot about your attitude towards your house’s maintenance. This shows that you have not been giving the requisite attention to your plumbing in Paso Robles, CA, and have been neglecting it. This neglect can go a long way in aggravating problems, and we recommend that you should know the details regarding your plumbing in Paso Robles, CA.


Most homeowners often tend to forget about the plumbing in a certain room, and then expect things to work smoothly. For example, if you have a guest room in your home that is very rarely occupied, try to check on the plumbing occasionally. Don’t leave the plumbing unattended for most of the year. You can’t expect it to do its job well when you use it again after the hiatus. Your house’s plumbing needs occasional fine-tuning, so keep checking on it and don’t leave the entire job on the shoulders of a plumber in Paso Robles, CA.

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