5 Plumbing Tips All New Homeowners Should Know

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Buying a home in Paso Robles, CA may just be the biggest purchase you make in your life. It is undoubtedly a long term investment that grows in value but to ensure that its value appreciates, you must maintain and improve it. Plumbing is one of the most integral systems of any home and in order to maintain a home’s value, its plumbing must be in proper working order and well maintained. Keeping the home plumbing in a good working condition requires a basic working knowledge of the plumbing system on the home owner’s part. With a basic understanding of your home’s plumbing system, you can protect your home from potentially disastrous situations and hefty repair costs. As a responsible homeowner, you must be aware of a few fundamental plumbing related tips.

Let’s take a look at some of the most basic plumbing tips that all new homeowners should know

1.     Getting a plumbing inspection is a must

There are plenty of plumbers in Paso Robles, CA who can carry out thorough plumbing inspection. However, not all plumbing services conduct extensive plumbing inspection at a reasonable price especially in case of an emergency. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing CA is a renowned and reputed plumbing service that has been satisfying the plumbing needs of the residents of Paso Robles, CA for years. They offer plumbing inspections at a nominal price along with all other plumbing services you can think of.

Plumbing inspections are particularly beneficial to the new homeowner because it prevents them from running into disastrous plumbing problems later on in their new home. Whether there are plumbing problems that need immediate fixes or the ones that can be held off, they will all be brought to the home owner’s attention after the inspection. With a list of prioritized plumbing fixes required, the homeowner can then budget for the repairs to his or her convenience. A plumbing inspection tackles all plumbing related issues from clogs that require camera inspection to deteriorating pipes.

2.     Knowing how and where to shut off the main water valve

In case of a plumbing emergency, when all hell breaks loose and it is just a matter of time before your home becomes flooded, you don’t want to be scurrying around the house looking for the main water valve. It is important for all homeowners in Paso Robles, CA to know exactly where the main water valve is located.

Your plumber in Paso Robles, CA will also advise you to shut off the main water valve immediately to prevent wasting many gallons of water and water damage. In most homes, the main water valve is either located in the basement or the crawl space below the house. If and when a plumbing emergency involving a burst pipe(s) presents itself, the homeowner must be able to locate and shut off the water immediately. Once the main water supply has been shut off and further damage prevented, it is time to call a plumber in Paso Robles, CA.

3.     Having the shower drain cleaned on a routine basis

Shower drains are one of the leading culprits when it comes to clogged drains. Quick showers may be all we can manage in our tight schedules but it is important to carry out a thorough cleaning of the shower drains in order to remove the debris accumulated in the drain over the passage of times many showers later. If you want to avoid having an abrupt clogged drain, you must take the time out to clear your shower drain of hair and debris.

This will save you repair costs and keep your pipes in good shape. Scheduling a shower drain clean up a few times a year should be sufficient. Another good way of keeping your shower drain free of hair is to install a catch in the shower drain. The catch will keep the hair and other debris from going down into the drain. Ask your local plumber in Paso Robles, CA about other methods of clogged drain prevention.

4.     Stay away from harsh chemical drain cleaners

Picking up harsh chemical drain cleaners off the supermarket shelf may be one of the easiest ways to ensure that your pipes are free of obstruction and as clear as they should be. What many residents in Paso Robles, CA do not know is that these chemical drain cleaners actually do a lot more harm than good. These liquid drain cleaners contain harmful chemicals that can damage your pipes when used in the long term. This means, if you are using one of those chemical drain cleaners, it is just a matter of time before it eats away at the walls of your pipes and ruptures it. Instead of using chemical drain cleaners, make sure you have a local plumber clear your pipes for you.

5.     Regular water heater maintenance

Make sure you don’t neglect your water heater either. It is best to call your local plumber to inspect your water heater and make sure that it is running exactly as you should but there are plenty of ways you can determine your water heater is in good shape too. For starters, check the temperature setting on the water heater and make sure it is set no higher than 120⁰F. If it gets higher than that, it can cause scalding and use up more energy. With the passage of time, sediments deposit in the water heater tank that can cause corrosion. This is why it is important to carefully drain out several gallons of water from the water heater tank to flush such sediments out that are not only reducing the heating efficiency but also shorted the life of the heater. Whatever you do, never store flammable items near the water heater or the furnace. Naïve homeowners risk themselves and their families by storing flammable cleaning products near the furnace or water heater.