Tips to Increase Your Home’s Value by Working on your Plumbing

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Regardless of whether you are placing your home on the market or just plan to increase the value of your home by remodeling it, you can always benefit by making your plumbing in Atascadero, CA more appealing. Your plumbing is one aspect of the home that future buyers will always have a go through, so you can actually benefit by remodeling it and adding to its beauty. Here we take a look at some of the details that would make your plumbing stand out and would add a lot of value to the home.


You cannot really be thinking of adding to the value of your home through its plumbing, without repairing the current issues. Many homeowners often tend to ignore their plumbing problems and don’t give the deserved attention. This attitude can have certain repercussions and will eventually decrease the value of your home when you go to sell it out in the market.

Looking after the repairs in your plumbing does not take a lot of rocket science. All you need to do is to go around and inspect every detail of your plumbing in Atascadero, CA. By inspecting all the details, you would be able to locate any major issues that you haven’t noticed as of yet. These issues can sum up to eventually decrease the value of your property, which is why we recommend that you pay a close eye to them. You can start off by looking at all faucets and making sure that they are not leaking. Leaking faucets tend to irritate future homeowners. Moreover, you could check the drains for clogs through the help of a professional plumber. Check all the drains in your plumbing in Atascadero, CA. By all the drains we mean the drain for your sink, the drain for your toilet, and the drain for your bath.

Once you are done with these petty details, you can go to looking at leaks or other issues. Check the area around pipes to see if you have a leak that could maybe catch the attention of a future buyer. See if there is undue moisture around certain areas in the home. Moreover, also check if the water pressure across the home is consistent. If water pressure seems to be below par, then get the pipes and the main water line serviced by a professional plumber.

Lastly, you can go and check your water heating system for any flaws. Your water heating system can be host to flaws such as the accumulation of mineral deposits at the bottom and corrosion across the tank. Thus, it is necessary that you take adequate measures to address this issue before things go out of your hands. If the future buyer you have visiting the house starts checking the water heater in detail, they would easily point out that certain things are out of order.


Remodeling the whole kitchen can be a tough and expensive task, but if you are judicious with the choices you make, you will end up reaping the fruits. Instead of remodeling the whole kitchen, you should look towards remodeling only certain parts of the kitchen. What is the first thing that you look at when you enter the kitchen? We feel that the first thing that many homeowners notice is the plumbing. If the plumbing exudes an unattractive image, then this makes you perceive that the kitchen is unkempt, however, if the plumbing inside the kitchen looks spick and span then people will think of the kitchen as well looked after.

Since the plumbing plays a major part in your kitchen, you can remodel it to increase the value of your home and to ensure that your home is setting the right impression. The right way to start with this remodeling process is to have a plumber come and see your plumbing in Atascadero, CA. The plumber will analyze your kitchen and will decide what can be done to increase the curb appeal here. Certain items that you can have changed or replaced in your kitchen include the sink and faucet. If you want to make your kitchen give even more of an attractive impression, then you can have a garbage disposal system set there. The garbage disposal system is the need of the hour in homes today, and many homeowners value its presence inside their homes.


Just like your kitchen, you don’t really have to completely remodel your bathroom for it to add value to your home. What you can do here is to add small updates to the bathroom, so that it creates the right impression. We talked about clearing the drain of all cogs and fixing the faucets above, but there is a lot more that you can have done in your bathroom. The best way to go forward with fixing your bathroom is to have new utilities installed. Everyone loves a bathroom where homeowners have incorporated fancy utilities within the setup. A new showerhead, faucet and sink could work magic for you when it comes to setting the right impression.


If you have implemented the tips we mentioned above, you might have all basics covered by now. But, if you want to add more of a spark, then there is nothing stopping you from adding some basic luxuries. Some of the basic luxuries that you can add to your home to increase its value include;

  1. Adding a utility sink in the garage if you have excess space available

  2. Adding a new fancy hose bib to give you better access to the water outside

  3. Adding a direct gas supply line to your fireplace or outdoor grill

You surely must need the services of a plumber for handling these alterations in your plumbing in Atascadero, CA, which is why you can get in touch with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, who are the best in the business.