Tips to Avoid Nasty Sewer Backup; Drain Cleaning

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Sewers that have backed up can cost you a fortune in repairs. Sewer back up can cause irreversible damage to floors, seep into the walls, badly damage electrical wiring and electrical appliances, your valuable furniture and several other personal valuables. Find out about why sewer backflow happens, how homeowners can take charge to avoid sewer backups and steps that can be taken to ensure your homes are safe from these issues by taking proper actions for drain cleaning in Paso Robles, CA.


Most people may not be aware that they are in charge of the support and repair of their home or sewer lateral, this pipe is what connects the house pipes with the main sewage supply, usually situated on the street.

The sewer lateral is your part of your property, and you as a property owner are responsible for any maintenance and repairs. A broken, cracked or decayed lateral or one obstructed with tree roots can result in groundwater to flow into your sewage system adding to the issue.

Getting a professional drain cleaning in Paso Robles, CA can also look into this matter and ensure that you are protected from any potential sewer backflow due to this issue.


While most water issues in the basement are not always due to sewer backflows, the Civil Engineering Research Foundation have investigated and stated that the frequency of sewers backing up is increasing at a disturbing rate of around 3 percent yearly. There are various reasons for sewer backups—here are probably the most widely recognized.

Aging and deteriorating sewer pipes and systems ‒ The American Society of Civil Engineers shows that the country’s 500,000 or more miles of sewer lines are by and large more than thirty years of age. The expansion in the quantity of homes getting linked with already worsening sewage system has additionally added to quick rise in sewer backups. Having professional plumbers for drain cleaning in Paso Robles, CA can ease this load and save from sewer backflow.

Joined pipelines ‒ Problems emerge in sewer lines that merge storm water and crude sewage into a same pipeline. Amid numerous rain storms, the sewage lines are presented to more volume than they can deal with, and the outcome is a sewage backup circumstance that enables sewage to heave out into cellars and other drains.

Tree roots ‒ looking for moisture and dampness, tiny roots of trees and bushes advance into sewer line fissures and the service pipe joints, and growing into them can cause serious destruction or blockages as they become bigger. The cost of the aftermath can be huge so it is advisable to have expert drain cleaning in Paso Robles, CA to look into the matter and resolve the issue before it arises.

Blockages in the sanitary main ‒ blockages can happen for several reasons in the city’s sanitary main. In the event that the blockage isn’t identified in time, sewage from the mainline can move backwards into homes and organizations through the concealed floor drains. Generally this happens gradually and there are early signs of an issue. On the off chance that you see leakage on the floor drains, immediately call a professional plumber in Paso Robles, CA who also has expertise in drain cleaningto survey the circumstance and assess the damage that has been caused. On the off chance that water is moving into your basement at a fast rate, call the emergency plumbing services and the drain cleaning in Paso Robles, CA.


Learn how to properly discard oil and grease. Used cooking oil ought to be filled in a heatproof container and discarded appropriately after it is no longer hot. Grease should never be poured down the drain. Washing used oil and grease down the sink with heated water is definitely unacceptable. As the oil cools, it will start to harden and turn solid inside the drains; it can start to settle in either your home’s line or the main sewage pipes making the line tighten and in the long run completely clogged up.

Appropriately discard paper items. Disposable or fabric diapers, Paper towels, feminine hygiene products and wet wipes don’t break apart rapidly and can cause a lot of inconveniences and block the proper flow of sewage water inside the pipes of your house or the main lines. If someone accidentally drops something similar inside the drains immediately call for drain cleaning in Paso Robles, CA.

Occasionally cut tree roots that may clog the drains. On the off chance that you have a constant problem with the tree roots interfering with your drain pipes, you may need to have the roots cut regularly by an expert and have the drain checked and get the drain cleaning in Paso Robles, CA regularly.

Upgrade the pipes. Replace old, decaying pipes with new, lasting plastic pipes. Plastic pipe will keep tree roots from entering your pipeline and the plastic pipes do not erode or decay as easily.

Rectify illicit plumbing installations. Try not to install sump pumps, French channels, or other systems to control flood to the main sewer line. It is unlawful to do as such; it increases the chance of broken debris and sediment to obstruct your sewage line. Consult a professional plumbing company that will be able to guide you in this regards, they will be able to guide you on what is allowed and what is not. Drain cleaning in Paso Robles, CA will also be able to remove any pre-installed illegal plumbing.

Introduce a backwater counteractive action valve, which is an apparatus introduced into a sewer line in the cellar of your home or business to avoid nasty sewer backups. Backwater valve which is appropriately installed and properly maintained enables sewage to efficiently go out, and not return back in to the house. Make sure you hire a professional plumber in Paso Robles, CA who is capable of providing quality services.

Even if you experience sewer backup after taking all the precautions, you should call a reliable and trustworthy professional, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing CA, who will provide you with quality service.