Drain Cleaning

clogged pipe

What is one of the household things that drive you absolutely mad? Flies. Pests. Mold. And unclean drains. Have your drains been running slow? It means that it’s high time to clean them. While there are lots of remedies out there in the internet about home remedies, such as vinegar to clean the drains, they may not always work effectively for reasons mentioned below. Since you need sophisticated measures to clean drains and avoid any mess…boy the mess is mad if the drains are not maintained…you could have a professional service to do the job for you instead of having to go through the mess yourself. Don’t just use those toxic chemicals to clean the drains. Experts claim that overusing chemicals or acids to clean the pipes could in fact cause long-term damage by burning the pipes.


While we understand that it is a cost-effective and less time-consuming measure to clean the drains in no time, vinegar and baking soda are NOT a solution to unclogging drains. Know why? You may think that the combination is effective in washing off grease, clog or fog; however, the mixture of the two elements generates a reaction that produces water with a small amount of salt. That does not help in cleaning drains.

You are better off using detergents with hot water or having professionals do the job for you. There are better and greener products available out there that you could try to keep you home healthy, clean and livable.


There are many household items that could cause your drains to become clogged or fogged up. This could include small food particles, oily particles or grease. Fat, oil and grease build up in the drain. In fact, fatty substances are the major causes of clogged or slow drains. As you run water while cleaning, all those fatty substances run down the drain in the form of liquid; however, as they move through the drain, they start cooling down, hence causing the clog. As the fat cools and becomes solid, it starts coating the pipes. The insides of the drain start becoming thicker until you have clogged or slow drains, you need a drain cleaning service in Atascadero, CA as soon as possible.

This is how further organic matter – food particles get trapped in drain matter. That Is the case with kitchen sinks and it could get pretty embarrassing for you if you are forced to clean them in front of guests during untimely situations. When it comes to washroom sinks, hair is the most common cause of clogged up drains as it easily goes down the drain and builds up until the pipe is clogged. You may have noticed that the clog happens usually below the drain. If not cleaned regularly, you would be dealing with slow drains. Soap residue also tends to build up inside drains. Soap coats the interiors of pipes and causes blockage.


You need to be proactive when dealing with clogged drains. There are many benefits of hiring professional service for drain cleaning in Atascadero, CA. It’s better to hire services every few months since they help in cleaning clogged up matter effectively, using the right tools and providing results that could last months. You may not realize how big of a problem clogged drains could cause and prevent you from carrying out most of the related household chores effectively. Professional services can help in keeping debris away from the drains. Once they investigate the plumbing system of your house, they would be able to guide you better about maintain clean pipes.

Benjamin Franklin plumbingservices in Atascadero, CA can help homeowners and residents in keeping drains clean and in keeping water flowing as smoothly as possible. Clogged drains could cause major problems for you in the future, such as burst pipes and all the dirt washing out. No kidding right there. You have a bigger mess to deal with if you are in that situation. Imagine having to clean all that filth that has come out. Gross! Therefore, you could hire a service to analyze the system and make improvements. They could also guide you about updated or improved plumbing systems to keep your house drains functioning properly.

Hiring professional services can also help you save money in the long-term. Handling it all by yourself could cause the drains to become damaged. All that build up of junk causes pipes to break or crack, leading to leakage…and you know where this all goes. Better safe than sorry. With the right tools, drain cleaning services in Atascadero, CA offer you a better opportunity to live cleaner and have a healthier home. It will also help in making your house smell better.

Clogged drains become common in the summer since you are washing a lot of stuff down the drain. You go to the beach and drain all the sand down into your plumbing system. Therefore, another factor that you should consider in hiring services is to maintain safety. For all you know, using chemicals by yourself could cause massive damage for you, especially if you are not using the right tools. Even if you get stuff from the store, there is always a serious risk of injury. Even then, the store goods are insufficient to clean the drains effectively. Chemical substances could damage the pipes and components in the plumbing system. Before hiring a professional cleaning service, make sure that it is insured, experienced, well-reviewed, and uses eco-friendly products. Green products help in keeping your house free of toxins and healthy.


Be proactive in maintaining clean drains to avoid problems in the future. Try to keep certain things out of the drains as you may think they are harmless but they could be the ones causing huge damage. Small particles seem harmless; however, they keep building up and clog the drain.

Are you in need of a drain cleaning service? Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbingfor your drain cleaning service in Atascadero, CA today. For more information, Benjamin Franklin is here to help.