The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Why You Need Tankless Water Heaters

tankless water heater

At the strike of adulthood where you may celebrate the freedom for late night parties, you soon get your overdue reality check when a hefty bill knocks at your door Atascadero, CA door and the cash in your bank account runs low.

After deep investigation, it was realized that most Atascadero, CA citizens were charged with sky-rocketing bills due to their use of traditional tanked water heaters.


Water heaters are an essential requirement to meet your fundamental living needs; particularly if you live in an area with a chilly climate.

Water heaters provide warm water to allow a swift performance of daily tasks in your Atascadero, CA home such as showering, bathing, washing and sanitation. This makes it all the more important to have a well-working water heater.

Let’s shed some light on the cons of using a traditional, tanked water heater in Atascadero, CA.


Although trivial, yet the dominant problem with traditional tanked water heaters is that they have a short life expectancy ratio. This means that your traditional water heater can only endure tenure of a decade.

Sure, you could have been using it for a longer period but this only accelerates your monthly bills due to over exertion on the tank that no longer works to its optimum efficiency.


The traditional water heater is only capable of warming up the water to a greatest of 65%. This means, the other 35-40% of the electricity is not being utilized to heat water, verifying not only wastefulness but also unduly elevated costs.


Traditional water heaters are constructed with an adjoined tank. The water heater’s tank accumulates water and constantly functions to keep it warm.

This means, the tanked water heater in Atascadero, CA is constantly engaged in keeping the water warm, absorbing electricity without a halt. This is one of the reasons why you must be facing high monthly electricity costs.


Traditional water heaters use cold water to push it in, cleanse it of the pollution and warm it up. One of the issues that may emerge in a tanked water heater in Atascadero CA is the buildup of debris, dirt and pollution that inhabits in the bottom and establishes failure to make a full use of the electricity it actually absorbs.


With the evolution of time and technology, new and improved forms of water heaters have been launched. So say goodbye to all your adulthood problems that get you all worked up and switch to the modern tankless water heaters for you Atascadero, CA house.

Tankless water heaters boast a slender framework and only use some room in your underground store. This allows you the liberty of a more expansive storage space in your basement.

Tankless water heaters in Atascadero, CA avert the buildup of residue through careful filtration which also eliminates any chances of foul stench.

Let’s shed some light on the pros of using a contemporary, tankless water heater in Atascadero, CA:


It has already been established that a traditional tanked water heater are constructed in a way to endure the test of time for a decade long time period only.

If you force the purpose of the water heater, you will only be exhausting your energy since even though the traditional water heater would use up electricity, it would merely give any results. Match up to the traditional one, your revamped tankless water heater in Atascadero CA is a genius of scientific expertise, designed to bear the torture of time for over an era of two decades.

In this manner, you will succeed in deriving the services of an intact tankless water heater in Atascadero, CA without having to invest in a new one for as long as over 20 years.

This will also put off excessive spending of repeatedly buying a water heater by simply investing in a single tankless water heater that will function effectively.


The leading advantage of using a tankless water heater in Atascadero CA is its need for a limited storage space. As the name suggests, this contemporary water heater is designed in a way where it does not require a water storage tank. This is because tankless water heaters in Atascadero, CA take up water from the tube lines, warm it up and pump it ahead.

A tankless water heater in Atascadero, CA boasts a size of an old desktop computer of around 20 by 28 inches. This allows you to retain storage space that was otherwise in use by a tanked water heater. Now that you have more room, you can store the other items in your house safely, in one place.


Here is how smart investment works; before purchasing new equipment to replace the older one, you need to assess the long term advantages it would bring to you.

Before you buy a tankless water heater in Atascadero CA, ask yourself:

  • Do I wish to save the initial price or the long-termed monthly costs?

  • Is the cost more than what I have to pay for a new but traditional water heater?

  • If I pay more for the contemporary water heater, will it save more monthly costs?

A tanked water heater is bound to have a lesser primary cost price compared to the tankless water heater in Atascadero, CA. However, by purchasing a tankless water heater, you would be able to reduce the monthly expenditure linked with the equipment you purchase. The tankless water heaters:

  • Are far more competent,

  • Boast heating controllers,

  • Use up less energy,

  • Function for a longer time period

  • Takes up less space,

  • Keeps water fresh and away from the foul stench

  • Avoids buildup of debris (that needs an expensive tank clean-up)

Once you have your evaluation, you will comprehend that buying a tankless water heater in Atascadero CA would be expensive initially, but it is sure to save overall costs.


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