What if Mario Were a Plumber?

plumber with tool bag

We all grew up playing Mario and Luigi, the famous Italian brother duo who fought monsters and climbed through different pipes and tunnels to save the Princess from the evil clutches of Bowser. Did you ever wonder that this concept of Mario and Luigi was inspired from real life? That’s right, these two famous plumbers are the most famous plumbers in the history of entertainment and rightly so.

Plumbing is not everyone’s forte and those who do commit to it, are the ones who are highly skilled and trained to fix any problem. So if Mario were a plumber in Santa Barbara CA, what would he do and how would he save the day? In this article we list down some things he would do and what lessons can we learn from our lovely dinosaur fighting, fireball throwing, Yoshi riding, and flying hero.

Fixing drains

Aren’t drains just a pain in the neck? Is your drain causing all the water to build up in the kitchen sink or bathtub and making you feel super agitated? Drain cleaning hacks hardly work and even when they do, they don’t last long and the same problem rears its ugly head again. Well, if Mario were a plumber in Santa Barbara he would be working at Benjamin Franklin’s Plumbing services because this is the best place to get all of your plumbing issues sorted out. With one quick call away Mario would come down to your place and fix the clogged drain in a jiffy.

Burst pipe

Pipes are all in a day’s work for any skilled plumber. Mario would jump through all the pipes and climb the trickiest places just to fix and repair the pipe. Pipes and tunnels are what Mario thrives in and he would just swoosh right in riding Yoshi and stop the pipe from leaking and replace it with a better and sturdier pipe in no time.

Water filtration system installation

If you are planning to have a water filtration system installed or repaired in your home or office in Santa Barbara CA, you know what plumber to call right? A quick call at Benjamin Franklin’s and Mario would be over at your place to do the job for you quickly and seamlessly. It would just be another day for our good old superhero.

Having a water filtration system is important if you want clean water to run through the faucets. This is where a professional plumbing service comes in and does it for you. It is nothing a layman or inexperienced person can do so you should always aim for the best services like that of Benjamin Franklin’s. After all, Mario would work here if he were in Santa Barbara CA.

Water heater repair

California gets a lot of sun but that doesn’t mean we don’t get winters here at all now does it? It is not always the sun, sand, and surf in Santa Barbara CA. We also have our share of winters and you would only realize it if your water heater gets out of order and gives you chilly water running down the shower or faucets in winters. This is where a professional plumber like Mario would come to save the day. You won’t catch the flu and get sick by showering under cold water if your water heater gets repaired by Mario. All you would have to do is to call in Benjamin Franklin’s plumbing services in Santa Barbara and get your water heating problem fixed in no time.

So what lessons can Mario teach us being a professional plumber and princess saver?

Not all heroes wear capes

Well, Mario wears them sometimes because he is a show-off but generally he wears his regular clothes and carries his handy plumbing and repairman tool kits wherever he goes. Plumbing is a noble profession that sometimes gets ignored because it doesn’t seem fancy but as soon as someone has a clogged drain or burst pipe, we all know how panicky we get and that we can’t function well until the situation is fixed. Plumbers are the unsung heroes everywhere, be it Santa Barbara or Atascadero CA, and always strive to deliver the best possible solutions for all the work there is related to plumbing.

Getting your hands dirty

Any plumber would tell you that getting your hands dirty is part of the package and that he isn’t afraid to do so. Sure it doesn’t seem as glamorous but at the end of the day when a plumber knows he has done the job right and relived you from all plumbing related issues, it will make it all worth it for him. So if we ever want to learn one major lesson from a plumber is that no matter what dirty stuff life throws at you, don’t be afraid to face it, don’t run away from it and find a solution for it.

At a professional plumbing service like Benjamin Franklin’s,  we know how important that is and our highly skilled team of plumbing professionals live by this philosophy every day—including Mario (if he worked here in Santa Barbara)

Facing the unknown

Plumbing professionals are not afraid of any job to be it clean or dirty.  They have seen it all yet are willing to face the unknown. They are quick to adapt to the changes in the environment and can work to find the best way to fix any problem. They don’t know what new challenge will tomorrow bring them but they will be up and ready for it to be tackled by their skilled hands.


Mario had his brother Luigi and his trusted dinosaur companion Yoshi to help him go through all the challenges of the day and fight all the monsters and ‘koopas’ employed by Bowser. These are all allegories plumbers have. Plumbing professionals work as a team to fix a problem, they are each other’s brethren just like the duo Mario and Luigi. Yoshi is their skills and tools that help them cruise through all the different problems.

Unfortunately, Mario is not real but all of us at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing services work just like him. We won’t save a princess from a dinosaur but we can fix a princess’s pipe, drain, faucet, or any plumbing related issue.