6 Reasons Your Drains Get Clogged Up

hair clog

Have you ever experienced a situation when you get to know your toilet’s drain got clogged up early morning, along with the news that your much-awaited guests are going to arrive soon?

Even if you have a happy-go-lucky persona and you consider yourself as a carefree person, the above situation can really make you panic. The disgusting smell and all the mess in the form of stagnant water in the washbasin or toilet can really be a nuisance.

Unfortunately, several homeowners face this issue of clogged up drains due to their own careless approach to the matter. Additionally, the only way to get rid of the awful situation without wasting time or without creating more of a mess is by calling the best drain cleaning services in your town.

Drain cleaning in Santa Barbara, CA is provided by experienced plumbing specialists who resolve all types of plumbing issues within no time.

Clogged up drains can be a real headache and if you would like to prevent them, you must follow the pro tips suggested by service providers of drain cleaning in Santa Barbara, CA.

The following are the top 6 reasons why your drains can get clogged up along with the tips to prevent it.


Generally, people prefer to use the mirror right over their bathroom’s washbasin for doing their makeup, and for combing their hair and shaving. The reason for this is often that there is good lighting in the bathroom, you do not want to disturb the person sleeping in your room, or probably you are late for work and just find this to be a quicker solution. However, as a result, the fallen hair can accumulate inside the drainage pipes, eventually causing it to clog.

Pro Tip: Use devices that can help in the removal of hair before it leaves the sink and enters the pipe. Also, it is recommended by professionals of drain cleaning in Santa Barbara that you can keep a cloth or a paper in the sink to collect the fallen hair and then dispose of it later.


This is the grossest thing anyone can do. Experts of drain cleaning in Santa Barbara, CA revealed that they have found babies’ diapers, women sanitary products, and condoms as the number one cause of clogged up drains. If you want to maintain a seamless flow of water through the drainage pipes, please avoid throwing stuff down the toilet.

Pro Tip: Do not flush off disposable trash; rather dispose of them off adequately in the trash bin.


Many a time, people are in a hurry and they do not separate the large chunks of food waste before sliding their dishes under a running tap. However, this can lead to serious trouble. The food scraps act as an obstruction in a drainage pipe, causing it to clog.

Pro Tip: Prior to washing, remove all the food scraps from the dishes and dispose of them in a trash can. Also, as stated by the experts of drain cleaning in Santa Barbara, CA, you can place a sieve above the pipe’s opening to prevent the scraps from entering the drain.


Generally, people assume that oil, being liquid, will easily pass through the pipes, but this is not the case. According to the various specialists of drain cleaning in Santa Barbara CA, fatty substances form insulating layers and reduce the size of the pipe internally, eventually causing it to block completely. Just like our arteries can get clogged up due to high cholesterol levels, causing cardiovascular diseases; similarly, our home’s drainage pipes can easily get blocked with grease or fat accumulation.

Pro Tip: Prevent oil and grease from entering the pipes and use vinegar instantly if your home’s drainage pipe has begun to develop grease inside. Call the plumbing experts to get rid of the problem efficiently.


Sometimes, the good health and growth of plants make the homeowners forget that there is more to caring about them. Experts of drain cleaning in Santa Barbara, CA state that in search of moisture, plant roots often grow towards drainage pipes, which consist of water flow. These roots and sometimes even fallen leaves can obstruct the open drainage pipes near your garden.

Pro Tip: Keep a check on the growth of plant roots and clean your garden regularly to prevent any waste accumulation near the drainage pipes.


Undamaged pipes allow water to run freely through them. However, any cracks or fractures in the pipe can seriously interfere with the smooth flow of water. This can be due to the changing weather conditions, usage of low-quality pipes, and due to several other factors.

Pro Tip: Use high-quality material and regularly check the pipes for maintenance. If you observe any cracks on the pipes, contact drain cleaning services and professionals who can help you sort out the problem adequately.

These are the 6 most common reasons why drainage pipes get clogged. However, if we listen and follow the expert’s advice, we can keep ourselves away from such situations. The pro tips suggest that drainage pipes require our attention and efforts to keep them clean, in order to let the water flow freely through them.

Also, if you face any plumbing issue or problems related to drain cleaning in Santa Barbara, you can always take the help of proficient drain cleaning experts who will not only resolve your problem but will also provide you with professional advice to help you prevent the problem from recurring.

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