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When Should a Garbage Disposal Be Replaced?

Garbage disposals are a chef’s favorite tool because of the easy cleanup process they provide. However, an old or overused garbage disposal will require replacement, just like other home appliances. Garbage disposals have an average lifespan of 10-15 years, after which they become inefficient and expensive to repair. If you notice that your garbage disposal requires frequent repairs or doesn’t function as well as it used to, it’s time to call a Benjamin Franklin plumber for a replacement. As the leading plumbers in Laurel, DE, and local areas, blocked drain repairs and garbage disposal replacement, as well as all other plumbing issues, are our area of specialty. 

Leaking Garbage Disposal?

How Expensive is it to Replace a Garbage Disposal?

One of the most economical home appliances to install is a garbage disposal. Low-end garbage disposals start at $50, while high-quality garbage disposals can reach prices of $400. Most homeowners opt for a mid-range priced product because they provide high-performance service for the cost of installation. Generally speaking, high-quality models will be infinitely more efficient, quieter, and less likely to breakdown. However, the quality of the garbage disposal you choose to install in your home should factor in how much usage it will generate. If you’re a home chef and cook often, you should opt for a high-end model as you’ll get better performance out of it. 

The prices of the garbage disposal models mentioned above don’t factor in labor costs or other considerations. For example, the type of garbage disposal you choose can affect cost. Continuous feed systems are generally cheaper and more popular among homeowners than batch feed systems. You might also be interested in installing garbage disposal additions, such as push-button systems or a baffle, which can help you avoid calling us for a clogged kitchen drain repair in your Princess Anne, MD, home. 

Can I Replace a Garbage Disposal Myself or Do I Need a Plumber?

Although we wouldn’t recommend this as a DIY project, it is possible for homeowners who have an understanding of plumbing systems to attempt a garbage disposal replacement. Unless you have experience with such a big project, it’s best to call a plumber to get the job done. Our Benjamin Franklin plumbers have extensive training in the repair and replacement of all makes and models of garbage disposals. With a certified technician handling your installation, you can rest easy knowing that your garbage disposal is ready to handle everything you throw its way. 

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