How to Choose New Outdoor Plumbing Features

When it comes to choosing new plumbing fixtures, there are always a wide number of things to consider. Inside your home, it might come down to aesthetics versus practicality. There are even more things to consider when it comes to outdoor plumbing. Functionality, beauty, and safety can all come into play.

The most common outdoor plumbing fixtures are probably irrigation systems and hose bibs. We’ve put together the most important considerations to make when choosing each below:

How to Choose the Right Irrigation System

Irrigation is important to many Texas homeowners. Keeping your yard looking happy and green all year is a common priority. There are actually several different types of irrigation system. Each of them has different features, uses, pros, and cons to consider. Here’s how each of them work, and which one may be right for you:


This type of system uses precise watering that delivers water deep into the soil. Bubblers water deep-rooted trees and bushes especially well. It’s also durable and efficient, and it doesn’t require much upkeep.

Drip irrigation

Drip irrigation systems use more water than traditional spray heads, but deploy it less frequently. They work slowly and directly. Their wide range makes them ideal for large yards of grass with few plants. Drip irrigation systems are very versatile, but they require special filters to keep from clogging.

Pop-up spray heads

This is the most common system for watering lawns. Pop-up spray heads are placed strategically throughout a yard. They’re great at watering spaces broad spaces consistently. They’re less focused than other options, but they’re more reliable, affordable, and accessible.

How to Choose a Hose Bib

A hose bib is an outdoor faucet commonly used for filling buckets or connecting (you guessed it) hoses. There are three main varieties of hose bibs to choose from:

Frost free hose bib

This is the most common variety of hose bib. They’re more likely to be found in areas with colder weather, as they’ve been treated to prevent freezing.

Non-frost free hose bib

Any home built recently will have frost free hose bibs, even in Texas–just in case. Many older homes may still have non-frost free hose bibs. There’s reason to choose a non-frost free hose for your current home. If you do already have them, however, make sure you follow steps to winterize them each year.

Loose key hose bib

These are hose bibs meant for people who want close control on who can or cannot use the bib. They have detachable handles that you can remove and take with you.

If you have questions about outdoor plumbing fixtures, give us a call. The trained technicians at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Dallas are always happy to give you a hand.