Emergency Plumbing: Don’t Wait for an Emergency

Imagine that you have just got home from a long day at work, you’re looking forward to resting those tired legs and a peaceful night.

Instead, you’re greeted by water soaking your feet as you step through the door to troubleshoot emergency plumbing.

Admittedly, there are worse things that can happen in life, but in an otherwise fairly standard life, that can pretty much top the dis-heartening experiences.

Familiarize Yourself

Before finding yourself in that position, try and locate the water main valves and any other relevant emergency shut-offs – power, etc. It is handy to know regardless, but knowing the location of them in emergency times is good practice and will likely save damage to your home and treasured family items.

Emergency Plumbing

Keep your plumbers number handy, either stored in your cell or next to your home phone, you certainly don’t want to be searching for a number as you’re trying to stem the flow of water. It is also worth getting to know your plumber beforehand – a friendly and knowledgeable face turning up in a time of crisis is relief in itself.


Do you know where all your home paperwork is? It is useful to have a copy of all your insurance(s) and documents to hand when your plumber arrives; you can clear up any paperwork issues without any trouble or fuss and your plumber will know what is or isn’t covered.

Talk to The Experts!

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